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Ornella Fagnoni is among the most famous singers in Italy. He started his career in 1965 and held about 112 jobs. She is considered one of the greatest interpreters of Italian pop music. She participated in eight Sanremo Festival tournaments and was the first artist to win the Tenco Award twice. It has a diverse repertoire ranging from songs from mala to jazz and low nova. An unparalleled career which certainly launches not only Italian but international superstars at Olympus. The famous singer has long lived with an illness that she must control.

Very important artists such as Gino Paoli, Renato Zero, Fabrizio De Andre, Carmen Consoli, Ivano Fossati and many others have written for her. It is impossible to list all the achievements of the artist, a career that cannot be summarized. The singer with an eccentric personality, although around 87 years old, still makes us dream, her songs have now entered the collective music scene, and it is impossible to forget them. It is the 4th most important country. Ornella Vanoni has been associated with Giorgio Strehler, Gino Paoli, Lucio Ardenzi and Mogol. To date, the singer has also become a grandmother to two grandchildren.

The singer is very popular and her interviews are also very popular among the audience. In fact, the artist never hid his problems and also shared his secret. The artist lived for years with an illness that required constant care. The singer lives with an illness that she must constantly control through constant, specialized visits and treatments. Ornella Vanoni You never hid her weaknesses, the singer often spoke of an evil that befell her for some time. The singer talked about her suffering from depression that does not give her peace. That is why she had to seek the care of a good psychiatrist who would help her deal with all her problems. Ornella Vanioni added that she also suffers from crises and anxiety attacks that often prevent her from sleeping, and the artist has opened up with the audience and with his fans.

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