Commisso: “The opening of Viola Park is the most beautiful moment. The stadium? I am not making any promises.”

Commisso: “The opening of Viola Park is the most beautiful moment. The stadium? I am not making any promises.”

The name of Fiorentina’s sports center has been revealed: as expected it is named after president Rocco Commisso

Next week will be the official opening of the center Viola ParkMeanwhile, this evening the name was unveiled, in large letters, displayed on the Via dei Ripoli. As widely expected, SportsCenter Florentine It is named after the Purple Chief Rocco Commisso. In addition to the president and his wife, Fiorentina’s general manager was also present Joe BarronMayor of Bagno A Ripoli, Francesco CassiniAnd the architect who designed the sports center Marco Casamonti. Below are the pictures from And the president’s words Comiso.

Rocco Commisso: “We have been working for two and a half years here at Viola Park. I’m not criticizing anyone because, as I was told here in Florence, everything was done quickly. Not so much in America but here in Florence yes“.

In the most beautiful moment: “Yes I think so, then hopefully we can win the title as well. Last year we reached two finals. Did you hear what Mourinho said?“.

On Frosinone: “These things happen. We missed three or four goals and couldn’t get the win“.

In the words of Aboudi: “Something has to be done, not just for Fiorentina but for everyone. We are too late. Outside they have all modern stadiums. What’s wrong with Florence? If they give us the freedom to spend money as happened in Viola Park. Would I be willing to think again on the field? I don’t give an answer. We’ll see what I can do in the future. I’m not making any promises on this matter. We spent 112 million for Viola Park, and the money has run out“.

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On Dodo and Biraghi: “Dodo is the boy who hugged me the most in the last two years. He is a boy with great tenderness. We hope that he will return to the field as soon as possible. Biragi? Tomorrow we will know more about his condition“.

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