June 8, 2023

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“Bonucci, do you want all hell to happen?”

Turin – capital gains and salary maneuversthese are the two points around which the past, present and future revolve in the house Juventus, from the Consob inspection to the Attorney General’s investigation to the resignation of the Agnelli Group and the Board of Directors. There is an ongoing and critical investigation into the process that will be, too Telephone wiretapping.

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Juventus, from Agnelli to Nedved: here are all the requests for the charge

“so they catch you”

like the one in between Federico Cherubini And the Stephen Bertola (Former Juventus financial director) in July 2021 to negotiate (faltering) with Sassuolo for Locatelli: Demiral They didn’t even know who he was, we had to take him but we had no room.”. And again in response to Bertola (“Did you ask him? Did you see it yourself?”), Cherubini adds: “The agent brought them to their premises, they needed a company, and we couldn’t pay 10 million at that time, they could do it, but you paid for this service! Because you bought it back on 16/18. But the risk is that if things go wrong. ..”. With pertola closed: “…until they catch you!”.

Cherubini, Millions, Demiral, Sensei, Zaza, and Lerola

Again Cherubini complains about Carnevale: “If the terms you offer me are the ones you give to Edu from Arsenal, whom you have never seen before in your life, what is the added value of the 10-year relationship? What happened to the 8 million you earned in 6 months with Demiral You do not know who it was? Our decisive support when I took senses? appraisal Zaza? The 13 million you took Lerola? “.

“Bonucci, do you want all hell to happen?”

In terms of salaries, on the other hand, the accounts do not add up to 30 million euros and the crucial knot is the famous “Ronaldo card”. The setting and climate are well described with a question and answer in between Bonucci and Parachi In 2020. Defender: “Sorry, Fabio, I trust you, but what if another arrives?”. Director: “Leo, Juventus is listed on the stock exchange, it belongs to Agnellis. Want all hell to happen to two paychecks?“.

“It’s as dangerous as calciopoli.”

The Dialogue between Bertola and Croppini During a dinner in Turin on July 22, 2021: “In fifteen years I have not remembered such a bad situation. I’m making just one comparison: Calciopoli. But there was everyone behind us. We created it here.” Cherubini again: “I told Fabio (Paratissi) several times: It’s a legal way but you pushed too hard. Fabio could have woken up in the morning and signed 20 million without anyone telling him anything. He replied: We don’t care. Put 4 or put 10, no one can tell you anything”. still: “You can’t reason with Fabio. As long as Marotta was there, he kept him in check. When he left, he had a free card.”. In another conversation, Cherubini himself says: “Luckily we stopped in light of recent visitsAnd the “hits” he’s referring to are Consop ratings.

supercazzola at Consob

“We’ll be supercazzolamo Consob anyway” Khalifa Bertola said, Stephen Serrato, talking to a colleague about the process with Marseille for young Tunjaya and Aki. Instead of the exchange with Barcelona between Pjanic and Arthur There is a phone call with Roberto GrossiErnst & Young auditor. Cerrato, former CFO, says: It would be appropriate to give him (Consob, ed.) a reference to an accounting standard or something. That is I can fuck them In a slightly more subtle way? rather than just saying it? ” Grossi suggests: “Don’t use the term ‘random’ which is too strong, it’s better to use ‘subjectivity'”.

UEFA is opening an investigation into Juventus over licensing and financial fair play

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UEFA is opening an investigation into Juventus over licensing and financial fair play

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