Leao, more boos from San Siro. Rafa goes to the locker room and the score is 2-1 in favor of Genoa

Leao, more boos from San Siro.  Rafa goes to the locker room and the score is 2-1 in favor of Genoa

Another boring performance for the Portuguese that Meazza has not forgiven for. Pioli: “He is not at his best, Okafor was better than him.”


May 5, 2024 (changed at 10:01 p.m.) – Milan

It could be said that Leao literally took the banner raised by the South and left it there throughout the match, at the mercy of the wind and the thoughts of the players, fans and managers. “The sound of silence,” she says. Rafa’s performance is striking and arouses discussion, because after the substitution he lowered his head, did not speak to anyone, and went straight to the dressing room. The score is 2-1 to Genoa. He did not see Gabia’s goal and Giroud’s shot with his left foot. Most of the San Siro residents booed him for several minutes, but he did not react. He walked under the curve in silence, listening to the crowd’s discontent.


Leao is someone who keeps everything inside him and every now and then he unleashes himself, perhaps after a good goal or a good performance – see the post-match interview after Milan and Paris Saint-Germain, his best match of the season – but he preferred this time. To go to the locker room. After a modest match, as Pioli confirmed on several occasions, both on television and in the press room: “He is not in his best physical condition – as the coach confirmed -, I replaced him because he was too small.” Within the area. In this Okafor was more effective.” In fact, the Swiss sent Giroud a golden ball, which the Frenchman did not take advantage of. On the other hand, Leao only appeared in a state of anger on the left after a “gift” from De Winter, guilty of mismanagement of the operation Clearance. Rafa collects the ball, positions himself and then kicks weakly into the middle.

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In 67 minutes, Liao played 44 balls. Three less than Pulisic and two more than Chukwueze. Highlights include a couple of overhead kicks at Strait, exchanges with Bennacer and Theo down the line and a little more. He is always expected to reach the summit on every climb, not to stop at base camp and retreat. This year he did not score in the league for more than four months, then came back to bite against Atalanta and had a positive spell: four goals and one assist in six matches (not counting the three goals in the Europa League). Now he is in the shadows again. He played poorly in the derby, against Juventus and against Genoa, and was booed. The sound of silence is striking. Rafa going out with his head down in the dressing room even more so.

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