Volkswagen Tiguan, you can now get it at the price of a motorcycle: you pay less than 7,000 euros

Volkswagen Tiguan, you can now get it at the price of a motorcycle: you pay less than 7,000 euros

The high-performance SUV from the German brand can be purchased for a modest sum. Here is the opportunity not to miss

the Volkswagen Tiguan It’s definitely one of the most popular SUVs of the last decade. It is a very reliable vehicle, the first series of which was launched in 2007, while the second arrived in 2015, before the current version.

What an opportunity for the popular Volkswagen SUV –

This model, one of Volkswagen’s flagship models, is 4,427 mm long, 1,808 mm wide, and finally 1,687 mm high. We must also remember that the original price of the Volkswagen Tiguan starts at around 34,900 euros.

However, motorists have the opportunity to purchase it at a decidedly low cost thanks to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We actually set the Tiguan at €7,000. This is of course a used car.

Volkswagen Tiguan at a very low cost

A used Volkswagen Tiguan 1 Series in excellent condition is currently for sale on the platform. Even in this version, the Tiguan presents itself as a large SUV, equipped with a high-performance engine that provides an excellent driving experience. the

The first generation Tiguan as well A car with five seats Very comfortable seating and interior space. Thus, the driver and passengers have the opportunity to take long trips filled with comfort with technological devices, specially designed to improve driving style and life on board. The car also has an empty mass of 1661 kg and rather huge dimensions: 443 x 181 x 170 cm.

Volkswagen Tiguan uses the display model
Here is a Volkswagen Tiguan for sale on –

Regarding the propulsion of the car for sale on, it consists of a 4-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 1968 cc. All this unleashes a power output of 103 kW and 140 hp at 4200 rpm while maximum torque reaches 320 Nm at 1750 rpm.

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Not only that, but the motor runs synchronously With 6-speed automatic transmission And with permanent four-wheel drive. Euro 5 emissions are around 157 grams per kilometre, while average consumption is around 6 liters per 100 kilometres. It should also be remembered that the car also has a tank of 64 liters and luggage capacity of 470-1510 dm³.

The model for sale on also has a registration dating back to September 2009 and a mileage of around 183,000 km. Instead, the review set a deadline of September 25, 2025. Therefore, all those who want to buy it will only have to spend €6,900.

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