Super G, Curtoni prank: Gut-Behrami steals the trophy from her

Super G, Curtoni prank: Gut-Behrami steals the trophy from her

Very good, the Swiss, who won the race by winning the last round, while the blue did not exceed tenth place behind Brignone (second) and Coggia (seventh).

Nothing to do for Elena Cortone. At the Super G final in Soldeu (Andorra), blue sees the special trophy slide under her nose from the solid Lara Gutt Behrami she won for the fourth time. The Swiss rode the perfect race, taking a big lead up the course and then managing well in the second to lose very little to Brignone who went down in front of her and won by 22 cents, which in one fell swoop amounted to beating the blue and winning the Cup. Sorry to Federica Brignone who had a good race and played all her chances of recovery (she was 4th in the standings before the race). Her second place finish is the 26th women’s blue podium this year. Norwegian Mowinckel is third, also in contention for the Major win. Many regret Cortone who had her fate in her hands but was unable to express herself at her best. Two days to forget about her on the snow in Andorra after yesterday’s fall that cost her third place in the downhill standings. Seventh place for Sofia Joggia and eighth for Marta Pacino. At 11.30, the men’s match will be played with Azuri CAS, Paris and Bosca.


Super G final rating: 1. Gut-Behrami (Svi) 413 points. 2. Federica Brignone 368. 3. Mowinckel (North) 366; 4 – Elena Cortone 358; 5. Huetter (ott.) 347; 6. Sutter (SVI) 259. 7. Schiffrin (USA) 240; 8 – Martha Pacino 200; 9 Jessen (SVI) 198; 10 – Büchner (OT) 189; 11. Sophia Joggia 176. 27. Laura Pirovano 71; 32 – Roberta Milesi 40; 34 – Caroline Pichler 34; 45- Nicole Delago 9

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