Europa League: Sherif-Roma ends in a 1-2 draw. In the Conference League Genk – Fiorentina 2-2 – Football

Europa League: Sherif-Roma ends in a 1-2 draw.  In the Conference League Genk – Fiorentina 2-2 – Football

Sheriff of Rome 1-2 In the European League News

Genk – Fiorentina 2-2 In the conference league

EuroGol from Lukaku and Roma resume the match by defeating Sharif. One hundred and thirteen days after the bitter final in Budapest, Roma resumed their Europa League campaign. In Tiraspol, the victory (2-1) over Sharif of Moldova, with Jose Mourinho absent from the bench due to his suspension by UEFA, gives confidence to the Giallorossi, who arrived in the European match after a nightmare start to the tournament, and only shone with the goal against them. Empoli.

Against Sharif, coached by Roberto Bordin, the success was scored by Paredes and Lukaku, with the Belgian scoring his first Euro goal for the Giallorossi. But the match is not easy at all for Roma who are aiming to reach the end of the second European competition. Mourinho – disqualified, Foti in his place – confirms Lukaku from the first minute, who wins the replay with Belotti: El Shaarawy is a duo in attack with the Belgian (but the tandem does not work well). Goal turnover rate: Svilar plays. In midfield there is Aouar, with Cristante, Renato Sanchez and Paredes on the bench. The Moldovan coach meets again with Moroccan Amine Talal, the team’s captain and the team’s most talented player, after being excluded. Before the start of the match, a minute of silence was held for the souls of the victims of the tragedies in Morocco and Libya.

The start was lackluster: for ten minutes the pace of play was slow, there were no chances, and on top of that many fouls. Roma keeps the ball, but does not finish it: in the 19th minute, the first shot for Karsdorp, who enters the penalty area, shoots to Lukaku, who does not shoot on goal but sends El Shaarawy, who is being watched by the goalkeeper. In the 25th minute Cristante tries, but here too Koval is ready. Three minutes later, Renato Sanchez asked for a substitution and Paredes entered. The first opportunity came in the 35th minute, and belonged to Sherif, who hit the post with an acrobatic shot from Mbekele (Saturday). El Shaarawy returns after one minute, but the ball goes away from the goal. In the 49th minute, Roma scored the goal (accidentally) from a free kick executed by Paredes, shot first by Talal and then by Kiki. The first half was certainly not memorable, as Lukaku and El Shaarawy were not at their best together. Sherif equalized in the second half: in the 12th minute, Tovar scored after a corner kick.

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Moldovans rejoice, and Instead Roma runs for cover, Rushing to make substitutions: In the 16th minute, El Shaarawy replaced Dybala, Boeuf replaced Aouar (who never entered the match), and Spinazzola replaced Zalewski. The fruits could be seen immediately: in the 20th minute, a good move put Roma back in front. Dybala invents, Cristante sends Lukaku with his heel and the Belgian with his left foot makes up for the dull first half and scores his first goal in the Euros with the Giallorossi. In the 35th minute, he was replaced by Belotti, who came close to scoring five minutes later. Sherif is desperately searching for an equaliser, but it is Roma who make themselves more dangerous with Cristante stopped by Coufal, and Dybala arrives on the rebound but is in an offside position. Talal tries in the 90th minute and Svilar is the one who saves Roma. Sherif finished the match with ten men (Fernandez was sent off for a double yellow card). On the other hand, Roma, as Mourinho wanted, are successfully starting to chase the race for Europe again.

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