Italy drops poker to Ireland, the Azzurri fly to the final stage

Italy drops poker to Ireland, the Azzurri fly to the final stage

First place in the group and a major success for the Nicolato team. Rovilla, Campiaghi, Pellegri and Qualiata give 4-1

In the last race of Group F to qualify for 2023 European Under-21 Championship The‘Italia Nicolato wins 4-1 atIreland And he snatched the pass to the final thanks to the first place in the group. In Ascoli, Zurini triumphed thanks to his penalty kick in the 20th minute Rovillathen double they change at 34 minutes and Pellegri Three of the same kind fall in the 46th minute. Coventry’s penalty kick in the 61st minute is useless. Network Quail (85′).

qualifying round forItaly under 21 Which separates the pass to the final stages ofEurope 2023 in Romania and Georgia. The Azzurri returned from Ascoli Piceno with the confidence of first place and thanks to the three points he got against him.Ireland (Depending on the class), avoid the playoff matches that will take place in September. Two goals in each half and a victory which is the result of an excellent journey made in recent months.

i Nicolato Only one player changes compared to the trip to Sweden and confirms 3-5-2. Without the injured Lovato, the defender chosen by the Azzurri coach is screws. Shooting begins at “Del Duca” in Ascoli. Azzurrini is dangerous from the first minutes of play: after just 40 seconds Pellegri steals the ball and kicks from a tight corner, putting the Irish goalkeeper in difficulty. Italy is still dangerous. From a corner kick in favor of Ireland comes a quick reversal in front of the blue with they change Kicking from the edge of the area. His ball goes to the side. The match is issued at 20 minutes in favor of the hosts. Okoli is sent off in the opponent’s area by McGuinness and the referee awards the penalty. Rovilla Turns from the spot and Angola to the right of Maher. Italy raises the pace of play and finds the double that bears the signature they change. The blue winger scores his first goal in the national under-21 team with a nice right-footed shot from a distance.

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In the second half, Azurini immediately started strong and quickly scored the third goal. It does not pass until 40 seconds and Pellegri scores the winning goal with a pass from Campiaghi, after the Irish goalkeeper’s bounce. Viti becomes dangerous in the 60th minute of the lead after an empty exit from Maher But he is unable to frame the mirror on the door. And not a minute passes as the Blue Defender himself does in Smallbone. Give him eleven metres Coventry Make no mistake and reopen the game. The goal, however, does not alter the positive attitude of Azurini who continues to play a dangerous role in the opposite half of the field. As the minutes pass, the pace slows down and both teams feel tired. Italy is trying to the end and in the 85th minute the fourth goal of Nicolato’s team arrives. The action starts from the left wing with Ricci putting an excellent ball in the area for Quail Final poker bag packing.

Nicolato: “Satisfied, now I hope the children can play”
“There is satisfaction above all about the result obtained with a challenging but stimulating path. I thank the 49 players called up in recent months and the 41-42 who have played, this is a really important result. I have always been a believer in a team, cohesive, with values ​​that Love it. We had bad luck but we were stronger than that too. In 20 qualifying matches we only lost once and we have to be satisfied with that too. Now I hope the boys play, because in a year sporting condition will have its weight, they deserve it, and a little bit of Courage we can discover important players.” That’s what Under 21 coach Paolo Nicolato told his rai mics right after the 4-1 win over Ireland that qualified Azzurri for Euro 2023.

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