Enderrock gives Es Claustre a career spanning fifteen years of music

Enderrock gives Es Claustre a career spanning fifteen years of music

the group Androck It has been included It is the monastery At this year's Music Industry Awards. The fifteen years of Es Claustre's career have helped him gain recognition in the industry along with dozens of outstanding organizations and initiatives in the field of Catalan language music. The Maó concert balcony shares this recognition with prestigious festivals such as Vida, Accents, Jazz Vic or record labels such as Underpool and others.

At the awards ceremony, held at the La Merce Cultural Center in Girona in the presence of more than 300 people, Josep Maria Vita and Josep Sambol, promoters of Es Claustre, thanked the Enderrock group for focusing on a region like Menorca: “Thank you for taking care of peripheral areas like Menorca.” , where the wonderful cultural offer has grown in recent years. The isolation factor does not always make things easier, in fact our beginning was not easy at all, so we are particularly grateful for this recognition.” On the other hand, Enderock recognized the work of Es Claustre, which “presents every year For fifteen years, he has presented a large number of concerts and national and international artists, establishing himself as a cultural reference in Menorca.

The honor was presented as part of the inaugural Enderrock-440 Classical & Jazz Music Awards where awards were handed out by critics and audience members, as well as special honors, track and best composer. In this concert, artists such as Alba Carreta, Horacio Fumero and Xavi Torres were also honored, who, specifically, in recent years, have been some of the protagonists of the EsClaustre23 Sunday jazz cycle. Also performing at the ceremony was Mallorcan artist Maria Jaume, who will visit Es Kloster on August 28 with her new album.

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The Enderrock Awards will continue on March 14 with several award-winning artists and with The Tyets as top nominees – having six nominations – a group that will also be the star this summer at Es Claustre.

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