Why does a man meow at a cat? science answers

Why does a man meow at a cat?  science answers

“Meow meow”. Who hasn’t communicated this way with cats? Science explains why humans meow cats to “talk” to them.

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When you decide to adopt a pet, the decision often falls on adopting a dog or cat. While the former seems more affectionate and more inclined to approach and engage with humans, the latter has a good reputation for being an independent animal.

However, as we begin to live with cats, it is the type of our communication with the latter as well that changes. In fact, compared to when we communicate with a dog, we often use a cat’s cry to communicate with him, but why? In the next article zExperts will tell us why the cat man meows.

Why does the owner meow at the cat?

Those who live with a dog tend to communicate with the latter by speaking naturally, while those who share their lives with cats tend to communicate with the latter by meowing.

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This is what some researchers from the Department of Behavioral Sciences have pointed out at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest.

For the study in question, get involved 157 cat owners who were asked to talk about their relationships with felines.

Surveys showed that owners who were more educated than others communicated with their furry friends in a more complex manner, while younger owners imitate Macarons meow.

Furthermore, the study showed that the meow was often used by their owners in the playing or cuddling stages. For humans, this is the best way to get a cat’s attention.

In fact, as we all know, unlike dogs who tend to their human beings whenever they are asked, felines must be teased until they show indifference.

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Exactly for this reason Humans have learned to communicate with dogs using human language And with the cat imitating the latter’s tones, the cat is more inclined to “listen”.

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However, according to the scientists, thanks to this study, they stated that while it is the human who requests affection from the dog and receives it twice as much, As far as the cat is concerned, the latter decides who to consider and who not.

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