Arisa, no more men | This is the woman you love

Arisa, no more men |  This is the woman you love

Arisa turned 40 and announced a big change. Today, her new friend sheds light on her even more!

Arisa declared that she does not want more men in her life | Instagram

He can’t go quietly Arisa’s fortieth birthday? The singer and TV personality arrived at the doorstep with a new awareness and a will to close in love and dedicate only to herself. After the exciting turning point, in short, she would say that she was ready to communicate with men and have a child on her own.

Arisa surprises everyone: best wishes from her new friend

On August 20, on the occasion of his fortieth birthday, greetings from colleagues and the public were not delayed. between Several letters also verify that her ex-boyfriend, Vito Coppola, The dancer she met on Dancing with the Stars with whom she was going to have a complicated and controversial story. In short, Arisa does not want to stay behind the scenes and keep one of her stomachs!

Arisa shows her friend’s wishes: who is she?

They certainly surprised Vito Coppola’s wishes, in fact he posted a video in which the singer notes the bulls graze and write.

Halfway “between” Eboli and Bingola. One of the most beautiful random moments that I jealously save. This photo and this video are in my opinion among the most important and representative. “Yes, how nice it is to be a local! Today is a privilege.” You already know everything. I already know everything. The important thing is this and no one will be able to understand it. Happy birthday, you bread. Happy birthday to you, whose soul is white as snow, as clear as water, sweet and light Like air. “You are a gift from nature.”

It seems that Arisa has really appreciated the social and private wishes of the ex-lover and wrote thank you my heart, but there are other special wishes just around the corner!

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Arisa's friend
Arisa and Alba Paretti (Instagram photo)

To congratulate the singer there is also her new friend, Alba Baretti, who wrote: “Happy birthday, beautiful bird . Sweet, intelligent, intelligent and deep with a talent that moves me. A very sincere wish from a showgirl to her friend and colleague who focuses the spotlight on who Arisa is today and her new stars of consciousness.

In fact, the two, the singer and dancer, didn’t leave well on cast, but they seem to have found calm again. Who knows what Arisa will decide now!

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