March 31, 2023

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Amore Criminale – RAI Press Office

The new episode of “Amore Criminale” hosted by Emma D’Aquino, broadcast on Thursday, October 27, at 9.25 pm on Rai 3, is dedicated to the memory of Alessandra, who was murdered at the age of 30 by her ex. Partner ex-partner is the meeting between two fragile souls, seeking comfort and solace in each other. Alessandra bears the pain due to the separation of the parents and the end of the love affair. The former partner is a single boy, lives at home with his blind mother, has no friends and never had an affair. For him, Alessandra is the first girl who “looks” at him and notices him. The beauty of the first meeting and the desire to live together quickly fade and give way to everyday difficulties.
There are frequent tensions between them, particularly due to the precarious economic conditions in which they live.
Both boys do not have stable jobs, and the money they managed to raise is scarce. He turns out to be jealous and possessive, often checking Alessandra’s mobile and social accounts, and begins to suspect that her first great love has returned to the girl’s life, the man that Alessandra could never forget.
On the evening of March 6, 2019, at the height of an all-day discussion, Alessandra brings home the man who wants an answer to her doubts.
The situation worsened. He grabs her, puts his hands around her neck, presses her hard and strangles her. He then leaves the girl’s lifeless body on the bathroom floor and quickly moves away from the apartment. The next morning, Alessandra’s father will find his dead daughter’s body.
Alessandra’s ex-partner has been arrested and tried for the murder of the girl, and will – in the first place – be sentenced to life imprisonment. The appeal ruling is currently pending. The entire story has been reconstructed with a documentary story. The broadcast is carried out in cooperation with the Carabinieri and the State Police.

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