Ladies’ Paradise 6 April 22 2022: Episode

Ladies’ Paradise 6 April 22 2022: Episode

Preview of Ladies’ Paradise 6 April 22 2022

Ladies’ Paradise 6 On April 22, 2022 go on air on rai 1 When watching for the first time It’s 15:55. This episode concludes another week of programming for the series, set in 1960s Milan. Ladies’ paradise It can also be seen in live and on-demand also on RaiPlay.

Here are previews Ladies’ Paradise 6 From April 22, 2022!

Moisé Curia (Marco di Sant’Erasmo) in a scene from episode 136 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 6”. Credits: Ray

Ladies’ Paradise 6 Episode 155 Plot

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Flavia He panted to make sure of that Ferdinand Help her and her daughter. after breaking up with Jean PaulIndeed, the Barancias find themselves – once again – in difficulty from an economic point of view. It had happened before and they were able to recover. Will they make it this round, too? Flavia invented a dangerous disease: the farce was supported by a friendly doctor fiornza. With my Grammy I realized it Ludovica He couldn’t take her to America. If he had done that, the play would have been over. the girl from Marcelo He learns that his mother was left alone to America.

vegan Talk to Umberto. It does not address the emotional issue but the work. Ravasi communicates to Guarnieri what she has decided about her future. He intends to leave Italy.

Stefania And Marco They always suppressed each other’s feelings. Now they are very much in love. Even if no one has imagined it yet, Gemma begins to feel something. Suspicions creep into her about the relationship between her ex-boyfriend and her half-sister. Much to Zenata’s dismay, he will soon get a confirmation of their love.

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Dante Mention his feelings Beatrice. It is not limited to words. Surprisingly enough, he introduced himself to Vittorio. So he tells him what he decided: Since then, for him, he is a mother Serena and Petro Come first and foremost, He gives up everything for him.

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