Impossible sales alert, construction sites still in the midst, new legislation

Impossible sales alert, construction sites still in the midst, new legislation

There is no peace for the house bonuses that have already entered a frenetic phase for sure.

Home bonuses have been a restart tool for the construction sector during the acute phase of Covid.

At first they were highly appreciated by everyone but then the importance of the tool started to show from access Certainly very easy.

New legislation scares banks

4.4 billion euros Forgery Featured on various rewards and government He began to be very skeptical about this tool. But now construction sites Seriously risk stopping Many have already stopped. The problem is precisely that it is difficult to sell credit.

But as we shall see, she is not the only one. When the government has imposed a moratorium on assignment of credits Italian Post He even stopped the portal for allocating credits. With the new legislation, the sale seemed to have been brought back up again but in reality this was just an appearance. In fact, the new government legislation providing for a transfer of credits up to a maximum of three has been raised to 4 in fact It is very complex and exposes you to very high risks.

Construction sites stop

The result is that Poste Italiane, Unicredit Intesa Sanpaolo, and others have become very reluctant to accept assignment of receivables resulting from the reward. So construction sites are now burdened with an inordinate amount of bureaucratic tasks and also with the fear of controls becoming more and more strict. Doubt that the loan will remain in the hand and the inability to sell it Then a lot of construction sites stopped. There is a risk that the entire construction sector will suffer a strong backlash and that multiple revisions of legislation are required.

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construction sector risks

However, not everyone is convinced that a legislative review can restart the bounty. In fact, many fear that they will constantly rewrite the bonus rules It just risks making everything more complicated and complicated. Obviously, from the construction world there is always hope that allocating credits will become easy again but banks are becoming too much suspicious And they no longer want to accept bad debts so they don’t get bogged down in controls and penalties that would just be a huge headache.

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