Useless dashboard lights: in workshops they have a trick to turn them off in 5 seconds. It doesn’t bother you anymore

Useless dashboard lights: in workshops they have a trick to turn them off in 5 seconds.  It doesn’t bother you anymore
Warning lights on the dashboard – (photo

The problem of suddenly turning on warning lights is one of the most annoying problems for any motorist. Using this trick we turn it off instantly without any further hassle

How many of us have been chased by one of those damned dashboard lights? Thinking of all of us. Today’s cars are actually capable of self-diagnosing fault problems Even before we realize it, it is not uncommon for them to play some bad tricks on us.

First of all, this should be considered an advertisement Each light corresponds to a specific problem That the control unit has identified and wants to communicate with the driver one way or another before the situation gets worse. There are lots of lights, all marked with a specific color depending on the level of danger.

As we all know, for example, the oil warning light is red, because insufficient engine oil pressure may cause it Engine malfunctions that cannot be repaired in a very short time. In this case it is best to turn it off immediately before the engine overheats and diagnose what it really is.

It is good to first understand the cause of the problem

When the lights come on, it’s always a good idea to reset them. Understand through diagnosis what the real problem is that caused them to turn on. There are many cases where true repair by a workshop is not necessary. In fact, it may happen that some are spying It comes due to a faulty connection or communication error with the controller. This means “false positive” let’s say.

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But in many other cases the defect is present. That is why we must always keep in mind that if we decide to turn off the warning lights in DIY mode, we will certainly not solve anything from a mechanical point of view. We will have only removed the error code that is active at that moment, which will remain dormant and stored in the console. After a while it can come back again.

Car battery connections – (photo

If it doesn’t turn off, try this mechanic’s trick

The reason is simple: Resetting the lights does not solve the underlying problem. It means eliminating a lot of hassle when driving. Having one or more warning lights on the dashboard is never a relief, and it is very difficult not to be distracted by them. Moreover, there is another reason: If we leave the same warning light on for too long – even if it’s just a false short circuit – we’ll never know if a new (this time real) problem has occurred, It ends up making the situation worse.

However – assuming the illuminated light does not correspond to an actual diagnosable issue, there is a trick available to everyone to reset any annoying light. Adequate Disconnect the battery connections for a few minutes and then immediately blow out all the electricity still in the capacitor. In this way, we will reset all electrical contacts on the vehicle, including those of the control unit, which will turn off completely leaving the fault code in memory.

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