Handsome and famous, he is 44 years old and from the Pique region. Pictured together at BCN

Handsome and famous, he is 44 years old and from the Pique region.  Pictured together at BCN

Final revenge Shakira is the most sibylline: find one New man In his life, he was an alternative to Pique and from Pique's environment. The Colombian has taken Gerrard's children from him, which torments the former Barcelona player so much that he is trying to renegotiate the deal. Separation agreement Which took months of discussions. Pique believes he has given up too much, and that having Milan and Sasha in Miami and seeing them suffer from jet lag a few days a month is a bad way to parent. Shakira will not give up anything. He tried to make life even worse for Pique by producing songs that destroy not only his ex-wife, but his parents or his current partner, Clara, a 23-year-old former maid whom Shakira can't stand because she has what she can. We don't have: Youth and Pique. Shakira is richer than Pique, more famous, has children, and has the world at her feet, but she does not have one thing that Pique does: Stable pair To love him

Shakira is weak, GTRES

Since her breakup in the summer of 2022, Shakira has not moved on No relationship is strong enough To consider it a relationship. Many rumours, some lovers, likes, nothing. Now Telecinco puts the name and surname of a person for the first time A real-life friend of ShakiraAnd not Tom Cruise, the NBA or Formula 1 star as she herself used to run. The man the Colombian singer is linked to is a famous Argentine music producer, Rafa Arcot. She is 44 years old, just two years younger than Shakira. What Telecinco does not make clear is that Arcaute is from Leo Messi's environment at Barcelona, ​​he was a product of Messi 10It is a Cirque du Soleil show inspired by the Argentine star that premiered in the city in 2020. Telecinco publishes a photo together Shakira and Rafa together Undated in a setting that looks like Shakira's recording studio in the Esplugues mansion of the family home. Upstairs is Pique with the children, and downstairs is Shakira and her fiancé.

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Shakira and Rafael Arcot in a photo together undated, Telecinco

Rafael Arcot T5

According to Telesenko “Shakira will be very excited after having several meetings with a well-known 44-year-old Argentine music producer who is very popular in Latin America: his name is Rafael Arcot and he has 18 Latin Grammy Awards. He is a man.” Intellectual, poet and composer. They meet and have dinner and she agrees to give Another step too“. This Shakira boyfriend is more real than Lewis Hamilton: he's from Latin America, a music industry star, and also lives in Miami and is his age. They speak the same language. Arcot has added value: if he knows Messi from Barcelona, ​​he probably knows Pique. In fact, Telecinco confirms that the producer actually wanted to seduce Shakira in Barcelona when he was counting Messi 10: “Rafael had already shown interest in Shakira before, although he respected her relationship with the footballer. In fact, he did.” He traveled to Barcelona on several occasions to visit it.

Social reveals Shakira's new love Telecinco

The program ensures that the two lovers stay together low level relationship, Without going to restaurants, in Miami they see each other at the house of a music producer. They add that Shakira's parents and brother know the Colombian's new boyfriend. One Former Argentine suitor Since Shakira was with Pique in Barcelona. She allowed herself to be loved and now they seemed to love each other completely. Argentine speaking. Shakira fell into his claws. If, in return, he makes Pique believe that they have already understood each other in Barcelona for years, then he is the ideal candidate.

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