Dora releases the bittersweet song “Pájaros”.

Dora releases the bittersweet song “Pájaros”.

Pau Dora is an acquaintance of the Malaga Festival. All his films have been here: Formentera Lady, Toscana, and now Pájaros, played by two of the most sought-after actors, Javier Gutiérrez and Luis Zahera. The film, which was released on Friday, is a road movie with a comedic-drama tone about birds and liars who are unable to confront everything that prevents them from flying and being what they long to be.

Dora gave Zahira the role of Mario, a role to which he was not accustomed: here he momentarily says goodbye to the eternal brat, the servant, the uncompromising strongman… “I will always be grateful to Bao for this character. Me,” whom I have been portraying for a long time does the same almost. But actors always want to do what we wouldn't normally do. This character, with his stutter and gentle background, opened up other profiles for me. When I read the script I remember a line by Antonio Dechene: “This is so easy and impossible.”

Opposite Zahira, Gutierrez, who plays Columbo, a losing player who is unhappy with his life and in the middle of a divorce, said: “He is a liar, a person with a questionable reputation, but deep down he is a good kid.” The actor says: “Everyone knows someone like him, someone who seems Like a naughty and rude person, but with a good background.” Colombo and Mario, who are not related to each other, begin a car trip from Valencia to the Costa Brava: Mario, a fan of ornithology, is unable to drive and wants to see the cranes, so Colombo hires him, due to problems… Dangerous financial…, to be his driver. Both of them will end up in Romania.

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