Why is it a good idea to have one password for everything?

Why is it a good idea to have one password for everything?

How many times have you forgotten one of the different ones? passwords What do you use to access different web services? Certainly for many, and certainly also, this forgetfulness has come at the worst of times. To avoid annoying hacking situations, there is a solution: single sign-on, but tied to two-factor authentication.

What is it?

It in itself is nothing more than an authentication solution that allows users to ILog in to multiple apps and websites at the same time using single user authentication. Because users today frequently access applications directly from their browsers, organizations are prioritizing access management strategies that improve security and user experience. Single sign-on (SSO) provides both, as users can access all password-protected resources, without re-logging in, once they have verified their identity.

What's good about that?

A strong, unique password combined with two-factor authentication makes it difficult for anyone to try to impersonate a user on the web, helps prevent bank leaks, and most importantly, makes it very easy to track which websites have been visited. Overall, the best thing is that it avoids having to memorize passwords and filling your mind with what you don't need. And we certainly save a lot of sterile data.

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