Monza, Galliani: “Cragno visits today. The cost of Pinamonte and Joao Pedro is too high”

Monza, Galliani: “Cragno visits today. The cost of Pinamonte and Joao Pedro is too high”

Managing Director of Monza Adriano Galliani talk to Radio Rai in sending Radio Ancho Sport: “Is bringing Monza to Serie A some kind of magic? Yes, we have been pursuing this dream for 110 years, we have finally reached Serie A.”

In the first tournament you will face Torino. Will there be any work on the pitch for his Serie A debut?
“Business this year is to reopen the east wing, which has been closed for 20 years. We are struggling with time to increase capacity, and reopening the east runway is not enough. We must equip the whole system with turnstiles, it will be a complex and lengthy task, given the difficulty of finding the materials.” We hope to open the East Stand immediately, and then if we can stay in Serie A we will work in the new stadium. The example is the Dacia Arena in Udine.”

Will you score until the end of the season first in the right column of the standings?
“Exactly, Monza’s goal for the first time in Serie A is redemption. It took us 110 to get to point A, and we don’t have to use just one goal to get back to point B. The goal is redemption.”

Could a long World Cup break complicate the lives of a team like yours?
“Monza will have to pay a little less than the others, because we won’t have a lot of players who will come to the World Cup. For us, that will be a stopping point. It’s a new thing for everyone, there will be double preparation. I’m not doing that. See if she The experience will make an impact, but athletic trainers should always make up for it with running and a competitive spirit. Athletic trainers will have to dictate programs during the long break.”

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Are so many foreigners in Italian football also a problem from a national perspective?
“At this moment, we have already identified the arrival of Andrea Ranocchia. Alessio Cragno has to undergo medical checks and if all goes well it will be the second purchase. Pinamonti and Joao Pedro are very difficult given the costs, but we tend to build an Italian group. Racism in Italian football? There are a lot of fools, but I don’t think Italy is a racist country.”

The transfer market has changed: many loans, few purchases, and not even free agents can be placed. Is there a shortage of money?
“The Serie A has changed a lot compared to the period of the great Milan, and today there are leagues that are 3-4 times their turnover. All the English teams and the big European teams are making the transfer market difficult for Serie A. It is becoming very difficult for Italian teams to have them. The last big player to win the Ballon d’Or while playing in Italy was Kaka. It will be very difficult to see a new Ballon d’Or in Serie A.”

Do you think that the next tournament will be divided into two parts? Will the little ones be able to disturb the adults?
“In my opinion, 12 teams are already safe before the tournament starts. In Italy, team values ​​are strengthening, and in Europe recently there are always the same teams.”

We live in a moment of uncertainty across all sectors, but football doesn’t seem to be affected
“Football lives in a kind of bubble and only looks inside itself, which is wrong in my opinion. Of course, the fans are back in the stadiums and TV rights turnover has increased. And football continues in a short-sighted way if nothing happens and this is not good in my opinion.”

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Will you sign on equal terms in the first leg and return with Milan?
“(Laughs, editor). Let’s leave Milan alone, we have 19 opponents. The 31 years of Milan cannot be forgotten, for me and for Berlusconi it is difficult to see Milan as a normal competitor. I already told Maldini that when Milan is there – Monza I want to go back to my place “.

Monza market?
“You have to think well with the coach. Unfortunately, Monza, who has no history, can only have 21 players born before 2000. This complicates our lives. In all of Italy, there is only one player who grew up in Monza, and that is Pesina delle. “Atalanta is a player who, among other things, is difficult for us to reach. We must necessarily include the first decade of the twenty-first century.”

What do you think when Milan chose Minyan instead of Donnarumma?
“Minan is an excellent goalkeeper, he is sorry to say goodbye to Gigio, because he arrived at Milan when he was a child.”

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