“Ibra is number one, Tonali is reaching very high levels. I recommend Liao every day…”

“Ibra is number one, Tonali is reaching very high levels. I recommend Liao every day…”


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Stefano Pioli, in an interview with Prime Video, made these statements in light of tonight’s Chelsea-Milan match:

On the Champions League experience: “The experience we had in the Champions League last season, against great opponents, was an exciting and motivating start but just as difficult against a great team. We have seen growth. I see my players definitely more aware and definitely more complete from a mental point of view. “.

About Potter: “He is a modern coach trying to implement bold, dynamic and proactive football. The unexpected change of coach has also caused some difficulties for us because we will only have two games to study. But on the one hand, better, we have a little work to do. Only two games. All Chelsea players have great qualities and a great technical level, so a complex match is definitely waiting for us.”

On the differences between the Italian League and the Champions League: “There are only two different things: the areas we play in that allow you to play high-level football, both technically and in terms of tempo. And the referees are different. Less, there is less protest, so the intensity and pace of the match is high ” .

On Tonali: “He is a boy who reaches very high levels. He is a boy who is always available, calm, smiling.”

About Giroud: “He is not only a great player and a great hero, but someone of incredible depth. When there was the first video call, before he got here, both Maldini and Massara felt that in front of him was such a high profile that he would raise the bar for the team. entire “.

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About Ibrahimovic: “For me he is number one. Champion of mentality, technique and competitiveness and then I discovered a very smart and kind person. He had to plunge into a reality in which the team never won, where the youth had to be improved, energized, pampered at times. And he did. With amazing sensitivity and intelligence. I hope to be able to find him on the field in January.”

About Liao: “His attitudes, his cuddling and the smile on his face do not match Rafael on the inside. A very smart boy, very sensitive. I love him so much because he listens. I recommend him every day. to the maximum and then truly reach the top of the world.”

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