GF Ready to Flip: Winner of the Island as New Entry

GF Ready to Flip: Winner of the Island as New Entry

Interesting news for the future Big brother 8, which could soon see its competitive scene revamped with new faces. Mediaset seems to be satisfied with the performance of this version of the reality show and with Alfonso Signorini’s efforts to adapt it to the new standards of radio, since confirmation arrived. Prolonging the transmission of infection beyond expected normal limitsWith the necessity of continuing liquidation operations for a good period of time after these holidays, The authors will have already begun evaluating the new faces They can enter In transmission. Among the first names to appear, there seems to be one that has absolute credibility and has already been proven by the famous gossip and entertainment guru Deianira Marzano. If the rumor is true, a large portion of the public may find the VIP in question to be a good choice.

Big Brother, new rivals are ready to enter

So it seems that the reality show wants to continue its choice of adding important, or in any case willing, personalities to the program. actually It certainly cannot be said that Mirko and Perla are exactly the idea of ​​a nibbling unknown He was initially promoted in September. Campania gossip expert Deianira Marzano explained this One of the newcomers will be a famous judoka,citizen, Who has previously participated in many reality shows and programmes the television. By connecting all the dots, the clues lead to only one valid answer, which is an answer Marco Maddalone. In recent days, the show has also suffered the abandonment of another important character, Giampiero Mogini, and we’re probably considering that How to fill the vacant position after the journalist leaves. Furthermore, introducing an athlete who could serve as a counterweight to Alex, and add a bit of the seriousness needed in this edition, could be great. It is a move that is completely in line with Mediaset’s wishes. What’s certain is that hoping for higher ratings by making a reality show like Gf more serious isn’t exactly the most effective tactic, considering what the audience is looking for from the show.

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Who is Marco Maddaloni, Giffino’s candidate?

Born in Naples in 1984. Maddaloni has a long history of television involvement Over the years, who can see? The triumph of two reality shows, Beijing Express In 2013 and The island of famous people In 2019. In addition to these victories, Maddalone participated in many other television projects, including special appearances in The island of famous people in 2021 and the tutorials created for the program no sooner said than done Since 2015 for a few years. The judoka has also been seen on TV shows Made in the South In 2019 and Alessandro Borghese – the famous chef In 2022, in both cases as a contender.

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