Hamilton, a phenomenon as a child who became a formidable champion

Hamilton, a phenomenon as a child who became a formidable champion

Hamilton is already a legend, but it seems he wants to grow even more. Only the Brit's self-respect and class allow the 40-year-old to take on such a daunting challenge. The champion, in fact, has almost everything to lose and risks ending his career with a single-seater that has not won for many years and, if it becomes competitive again, will find himself alongside a formidable driver who was born when he was born to move from buggies to cars. Only heroes would accept such heroic deeds. If, as Vasseur explained to him, Lewis can return the red car to the top of the world, he will create a gap that will be difficult to bridge between himself and his teammates at all times. However, it is true that the hope of driving a Ferrari exists in the hearts of the strongest. Prost was attracted, and Senna wanted to finish his career at Maranello.

Sumi couldn't resist and they came to Motor Valley Also world champion Alonso and Vettel. Out of all of them, only Michael greeted him with a smile. It immediately became clear to the Briton that he was in another category when he was still a child. After entering Ron Dennis's McLaren orbit at the age of 12, he went on to win in both Formula 3 and Formula 2 with Frédéric Vasseur's team. In 2007 he made his debut in Formula 1.

Fame preceded him, but no one expected much. That year the fight was between Ferrari and McLaren and everyone expected the young man to grow up quickly in the shadow of the terrible Fernando Alonso, already a two-time world champion even though he was very young. None of this.

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Lewis is not afraid of Nando's. He won four races, most recently in Japan. In China, he has the World Championship in his hands, but makes a small mistake when returning to the pits, the only race in which he does not finish in the points. In the final race, in Brazil, the two McLaren drivers who had stymied each other all season were overtaken by Raikkonen's Ferrari who won the title. The World Championship was only postponed to the following year when she tied with Maranello again in Brazil by taking the title from Massa who was already the champion when the final lap began. In 2013, he moved to Mercedes, convinced by Niki Lauda. From the following year, with the advent of the hybrid era, the absolute dominance with a series of consecutive world championships was halted only in 2016 by his teammate Rosberg and then in 2021 by Verstappen with the crazy last race. Lewis is the world champion for the eighth time at the start of the last lap, but Max eventually passes because he has new tires.

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