March 26, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Bayeye-Pogba, Sanabria-Chiesa, the derby and jersey issue: ‘We Toro fans are humiliated’

Turin – Goal and display at Allianz Stadium in Derby Mall between Juventus And Turin. The Grenades took the lead twice, first with Karamoh and then with Sanabria, but it was the Black and Whites who scored with Cuadrado, Danilo and former great Bremer and Rabiot. Despite the excellent performance, Evan Yorick was defeated by Thor. A great disappointment for the fans who, at the end of the match, went into a frenzy with what happened on the green and in the changing rooms. Indeed, the bombshell fans didn’t take well with the shirt exchange between Bayi and Pogba and the hug between Sanabria and Keiza.