“Is security in crisis? Thanks to the solution that comes from Italy.”

“Is security in crisis? Thanks to the solution that comes from Italy.”

The changing frame also changes the painting; Feelings change with the environment.. The painting in question comes directly from England, specifically from Birmingham. The hero of the painting is Onai Emery. fromArsenal toAston Villa The setting has changed and it has also rediscovered that positive feeling of love from the entire environment for a few seasons. The reason is easy to understand as the results he has achieved in the Premier League and beyond prove him right. In response to those who criticized him a lot, especially because of his negative past with the Gunners and Paris Saint-Germain. However, completing the painting takes time and people have now seen the complete painting: work, dedication and some new features We were left speechless Guardiola And for her Manchester city.

Emery is the “Italian” solution for the “new” Aston Villa.

Yes just like this. Two days agoAston Villa I got better than city But behind the result – The match ended 1-0 – It was the statistics that positively shocked us and made us understand the completely new way in which the bad guys dealt with “guardianship”. Removal of tenure in favor of citizens (54%), Emery They controlled the game out wide and the only goal difference was not that great considering what their players showed on the pitch. It seems that the Basque coach has revised some of his principles: Aston Villa presses hard, and defends with a greater margin than Arsenal and its previous teams.

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