speedrunner completes it in two and a half hours without dying – Nerd4.life

speedrunner completes it in two and a half hours without dying – Nerd4.life

elden ring It was available less than 2 weeks ago, but there is already a sprinter that has been able to almost complete it two and a half hours And the without dying. hats!

While many players are still exploring every corner of Sepulcris, speedrunner niko bellic has managed to complete FromSoftware’s latest effort in just over two and a half hours, without dying and without using teleportation glitches or the like. You can enjoy his achievement in the player below.

The sprinter used Hedge Knight as his first attribute, which is a reasonable choice as he starts off with great attributes and well-respected equipment. To achieve this result, it is clear that Niko Bellic has already spent many hours at Interregnum and also done a lot of “theory”, due to the ease of navigating between the different areas of the Elden Ring, reclaiming objects useful to the company or defeating the liked Night Knight bosses very easily by exploiting some ingenuity His artificial intelligence.

Anyway, we’re still in the beginning and in the coming months or even years we’ll see increasingly lower completion times, particularly when spotting vulnerabilities of different types, ideal for cutting precious minutes of gameplay or hopping over entire areas. Niko Bellic himself says that his time could be greatly improved, so it is likely that we will see other feats in the future.

On the other hand, if you are “mere mortals” and are just starting your journey in Interregnum, take a look at our guide on the best Elden Ring weapons found in Sepolcride, District One.

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