Starfield and Indiana Jones on PS5 hasn't been completely ruled out by Microsoft

Starfield and Indiana Jones on PS5 hasn't been completely ruled out by Microsoft

We've seen how Xbox's cross-platform idea is currently limited to just 4 titles, which are not included Starfield, Indiana Jones and the Old CircleBut in an interview However, Phil Spencer has not ruled it out It is presupposed that these titles will likely reach other competing consoles PS5.

This is The Verge's famous interview with Phil Spencer, in which Tom Warren specifically asked the Xbox boss if it would be possible to completely exclude Starfield, Indiana Jones, and the Ancient Circle from the initiative. Multi platform By Microsoft.

Spencer's response is clearly ambiguous, but not entirely negative, which may open glimpses of the future: “I don't think we, as an industry, We should never rule out An intuition to bring a game to another platform,” Spencer reports, demonstrating a certain amount of honesty about his vision of the video game market but clearly opening the question to many different interpretations.

The current plan is limited to 4 matches only

Indiana Jones and the Ancient Circle is one of the most anticipated titles

“We are currently focusing on these Four matches “And we intend to see what happens from this experience,” he explained, referring to the titles that will arrive on PS5 and Nintendo Switch but have not yet been officially announced, although many have reported that they are Pentiment and Sea of ​​Thieves. And Hi-Fi Rush and grounded.

Then Spencer explained it further: “I don't want to create False expectations On other platforms, that these four titles represent the opening of the dam and everything else will come later, that's not the plan and I don't even want to be misleading to users of other platforms. We are about to launch these four titles and we are very excited about it.”

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In short, the question is clearly completely hypothetical, but the fact that the answer is not a simple “no” will continue to keep the rumors alive about the games in question arriving on other platforms.

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