“Building a new Juventus, a new board of directors, to better defend ourselves”

“Building a new Juventus, a new board of directors, to better defend ourselves”

Turin – Guido Facchiago, Director of Tuttosport, spoke to SkySport24 for comment An exciting shift in Juventus management:”Breaking news is the one that comes from the property and the company. The idea is to build a new Juventus to better defend themselves. There are two open fronts, with the Consob and the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Turin. The first is the most urgent, which called for a rewrite of the budget. Rewrites Juventus were forced to do, but make it clear that everything that was done happened according to the rules. However, a split arose in the painting. Not all directors agreed with this line, perhaps they wanted a softer attitude towards Consop. This crack, according to the owners and Agnelli himself, weakened Juventus in defense. So it was decided with John Elkann to reset the board.”

Manager Facciago on the new Juventus

Now it will be John Elkann who will establish new rosters and a new board of directors. The already announced choice of general manager is indicative, with Scanavino having confidence, a technical, administrative and rigorous man. Juventus will be technicians and experts in administrative law and corporate governance. At first there will be a little space for the sporty part, which will find continuation for example in the Cherubini. But Juventus is preparing to face these battles, two legal storms, believing that they are right and will emerge victorious. That’s why it’s doing it with new management tied more to experience and technical ability. So Andrea Agnelli will not be installed as president, and his resignations are real“.

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