Vaccine Night, a success with controversy in the Science Park

It’s a ‘battle’ on social media: Mayor hails engagement, Chancellor Verzilli blows fire for residents protesting traffic jams

Teramo – The success of the Open night vaccine, envisioned by the ASL of Teramo in Parco della Scienza to promote vaccination without reservation (and to be able to “catch” even those over 50 who are missing, car rows have also filled this evening in the area Qumrana, which also sparked a lot of controversy on social media.

This evening the vaccination center was exceptionally open until midnight (with admission allowed until 11 pm), with 7 indoor lines specially set up to vaccinate as many people as possible. Citizens responded positively, but this also caused a strong impact on local traffic, ‘throttling’ the entire area around the axis according to many residents.

Thus, if Mayor Gianguido de Alberto, on the one hand, enthusiastically posted a photo with the line of people waiting for administration (“We continue to move into the future by protecting ourselves together. Good night tiramo“The mayor wrote), and others headed by the opposition municipal councilor, Ivan Verzilli, preferred to publish a picture of a car snake parked at night (”Chaos and smog during the day…as well as at night. residents thank you“Spread).

The controversy dominated the social networking sites more than the comments on the progress of the good and required vaccination in the governorate and the city.

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