King Charles III ruined the coronation with the words of commentators –

King Charles III ruined the coronation with the words of commentators –

A wonderful episode of “The Crown”, “Coronation”, spoiled by commenters. Every time, I wonder why commentators talk so much, they don’t know anymore The value of silence In the face of events full of things to hear and see: investiture, anointing, ancient rites, music, chariots, balconies. Rai1, just to give an example, had one A crowded studio and as many as four were sent to London, when Marco Varfilo alone would have sufficed, who knows how to recount these events so well.

But maybe there is a reason, not recognized but there is. Which does not interfere with the ceremony appear more important From the ceremony itself or being an eyewitness to the use of recycled clothing. No, these are psychological or social trifles. No, we’re talking about everything Overcoming the ban: The two main actors in this series finale were not on equal footing. King CharlesAnd quite Queen Camilla She lacks charismathat invincible grace, which allows the practice of liturgical impersonality Strong rise on others. The English royals, without Elizabeth, are worldly, and can only come to terms with charm or popularity (“close to the people”), as already pointed out by the guest of stone stature, Mrs. Diana.

despite ofan excess of wordsTV showed us that protocol alone is not enough, egThe secret origin of power It is now a distant memory. If holiness, in the exercise of power, will become a fantasy, well, the representation must be at the highest level, the representation must exceed the “crown”. Perhaps it was necessary to focus immediately William and KateYou have the guts to adapt the monarchy to the fanciful rituals of our time, choose one Less obedient trend From the BBC (breaking out at moments that could have caused some embarrassment, like getting off the wagon).

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As always, convention is concerned neither with gems nor with materials, but with functions and is ready to barter (which is the spirit of substitution) in one form for another. So, in the end, most contemporary seemed to everyone Harrythe outcast, the divorced, a piece of «Bridgerton».

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