Can Yaman, Twist: “I’m excited”

Can Yaman, Twist: “I’m excited”
Kan Yaman –

Can Yaman reveals to all his followers on social networks, and appears again next to him. He’s excited

Can Yaman is increasingly popular in Italy And certainly one of the most wanted men at the moment. Because of this, everyone wants to know something about his love life.

In fact, the Turkish actor had a very serious relationship with Dilita Lotta, which unfortunately ended prematurely and After that story, nothing is known about him.

Some time ago there were rumors about his possible relationship with Francesca Chelmey which has not been confirmed by either of them.

in the last days, Can Yaman said he was very excited And he made a declaration that no one hoped to hear.

Can Yaman by his side reveals: “I’m excited”

Can Yaman with Francesca Chillemi announces the arrival of the second season of Viola comes il Mare, Mediaset’s hit novel last year. The main cast shot an Instagram video in which she confirmed the start of filming in a cute gag. “I’m excited,” Yaman could tell his colleague in the post.

Commenting on the post, the Turkish actor wrote, “The first season will always hold a special place in my heart for many reasons and it was a unique experience. Filming for season two begins today And the emotions, the color and the emotion that you perceived, indicate that everything will be wonderful! We’re loads of bombs, come on guys! Good luck to all of us.” Everyone is eagerly waiting for this second season They can’t wait to hear how the story goes of the two heroes.

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Kan Yaman –

Yaman tablet can be about his relationship to success

During an interview with Silvia Tuvanen, Yaman can talk about his relationship to success. The boy said: I was determined and ambitious. I was a nerd. I played sports, and mental and physical development went hand in hand. Then I graduated in law. If I had started acting without completing my studies, which gave me security, I would have felt empty.”

Fortunately, he admitted that he has matured a lot over time and can handle success a lot more today. He said:I don’t like talking about it, I seem paranoid. You have absorbed popularity, when you absorb it you become more mature. Even crazy episodes enrich your personality, you know how to react. in the end, Learn to be gratefulLife has given me many opportunities.

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