Marta Bertolini | Martha Schwarzkopf Prize for Women in Science | prize | Women

Marta Bertolini |  Martha Schwarzkopf Prize for Women in Science |  prize |  Women

Dr. Veronese Marta Bertolini, Chief Scientific Officer and Deputy Director General of the Monasterium Laboratory in Münster, Germany, has been awarded the Martha Schwarzkopf Prize for Women in Science, an award created by Henkel for the best scientists in the field of trichology and dermatology research.
“I am honored to receive this award – Bertolini commented – The character of Martha Schwarzkopf is a huge inspiration to me, not only because she was a pioneer in applied research to hair care and a successful entrepreneur, but above all because she has the ability to convey the passion and value of his work to many From colleagues and colleagues.

The 36-year-old doctor, originally from Legnago, specializes in studying the immune system of hair follicles and its changes, which is responsible for diseases such as alopecia areata that causes hair loss. Together with Professor Ralph Baus, one of the world’s leading bodies in hair research, he worked at the German universities of Lübeck and Münster and helped establish the Monasterium Laboratory. Known and appreciated in the scientific community, she has built a large international network of researchers who are experts in autoimmune diseases affecting hair follicles, and she is the author of numerous publications in prestigious scientific journals.

“Women are still underrepresented in science and research. With the Martha Schwarzkopf Prize, we want to tangibly enhance women’s talents and support their research projects – explained Sylvie Nicole of Henkel – gender equality is very important and is an essential component of our holistic approach to diversity.”

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