Electric car only if it is renewable and the collapse of the Russian market

Electric car only if it is renewable and the collapse of the Russian market
Other consumption


LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)


NCAP Green Test

It considers the car from extracting and transporting raw materials to its construction until the disposal of components to demolition, passing through energy consumption.

For electric cars, an added advantage is knowing whether the power used for traction is produced from renewable sources or from fossil fuels.

, which, ironically, the same car has a different LCA value from country to country, based on renewable energy development. And here is the vulnerability, because not all countries are at the same level, and if it is true that an electric car affects 30% less well than others with heat or hybrid engines, then it is also true that according to

International Energy Agency (IEA)

And the

Renewable sources will be able to cover 90% of the world’s electricity needs only in 2050!

NCAP Green, what a gap!

The temptations of “Eve” and the naive “Snow White” –

The first half of the year has closed its doors and it’s time to take stock of the automotive sector. Europe is not showing signs of great shape, and after -16% in June, closed the first half of 2022 with

– 13.7% of recordings


Italy worse by -22.7%

And sold 683,000 cars after the first 6 months. But if we look beyond the “curtain”, we see that things are much worse:

In Russia, 370,000 cars were sold in the first half of the year

any later

60% less than in 2021

. She sells half of that in Italy, although there are almost three times the population of the beautiful country in Russia.

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Sales of new cars in Russia are collapsing!

In the past five years, from 2017 to 2021, registrations have always been between 1.6 and 1.8 million units, while this year’s forecast stopped at 700,000. Nearly optimistic forecasts after the crashes in April (-78.5%), May (-83.5%) and June ( -82%).

Car sales are a clear indicator of a country’s consumption

And the

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And if the minus sign is accompanied by such large numbers, then, in essence, this means that this country is not doing well. Neither financially, because they can’t buy a new car, nor in terms of confidence in their economy, because even if they can afford to spend, they waited for better times before buying. Other than the question mark over who will be next after Johnson and Draghi,

The Russian economy is already declining

Dear former Prime Minister Medvedev, This is only to challenge the transverse party of those who would argue that “Sanctions hurt us more than they do…omission to add a causal link to this statement, which is:Let’s take them off!They might even give us the nice version of some free gas and oil, but they will

Poisoned apple!

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