«Kiev uses cluster bombs» – Corriere.it

«Kiev uses cluster bombs» – Corriere.it

• He asked Navalny for twenty years, accused of “extremism”. He attacks Putin from his prison cell: “His war is meaningless.”
• The attack on Crimea and stopping the wheat deal: What could happen?
• Confirmation from the White House: Kiev is using cluster bombs

09:45 am – Zaporizhia, «4 dead in Russian attack in the region»

The number of dead as a result of a new attack denounced by the Ukrainians in the Zaporizhia region, with accusations against the Russians, was at least four dead and two wounded. On Telegram, as reported by Ukrinform, Governor Yuriy Malashko says that “infrastructure” in the Polohiv region ended up in the crossfire and that the victims were “staff”. According to the Ukrainians, in 24 hours Russia launched about 80 attacks on about two dozen towns in the Zaporozhye region.

09:25 a.m. – Wagner maneuvers in Belarus, and Poland deploys troops to the border

The Polish Ministry of Defense decided to redeploy troops from the western part of the country to the eastern part, which is closer to the border with Belarus, after news that military exercises were being conducted in the region with the participation of men from the Wagner Group. The representative of the State Committee on Security Issues, Zbigniew Hofmann, told the Polish News Agency. «The commission analyzed potential threats, including the deployment of units of the Wagner Group. In this regard, the Minister of Defense decided to transfer our military formations from the West to the East of Poland ». According to the Polish authorities, the joint maneuvers between the Belarusian army and Wagner are “an undoubted provocation.”

08:20 – 2 injured by two Russian missiles in Odessa

Russian missiles hit a grain plant in the Odessa region, two people were injured. As Odessa Governor Oleh Kepper wrote on Telegram, they were destroyed 100 tons of peas and 20 tons of barley. He adds that two people were injured in the explosion caused by the Russian Kalibr missiles in the morning hours. It is the fourth day in a row that Russia has bombed Ukraine’s Black Sea ports.

– New attack on Odessa: tons of grain burned

07:48 am – CIA: “Putin may want revenge on Prigozhin”

According to CIA Director William Burns, Russian President Vladimir Putin is buying time to figure out how to deal with Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the Wagner mercenary group that sprang up last month in Russia: “Putin is someone who generally believes that revenge is the best dish served cold. In my experience, Putin is the quintessential messenger of revenge.” I would be surprised if Prigozhin escaped further punishmentBurns said at the Aspen Security Forum, as reported by the BBC. “What we are witnessing is a very complex ballet,” he added. Byrne confirmed that Prigozhin was on the move, most recently in the Belarusian capital of Minsk and Russia, and that the CIA did indeed have advanced knowledge of the insurgency.

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07:05 – an exercise of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea

The Russian Navy carried out military exercises in the northwestern region of the Black Sea, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced, explaining that anti-ship missiles were launched to shoot down a target in the sea. According to Moscow, ships of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea fired anti-ship cruise missiles “at a targeted ship in the area of ​​military exercises,” an expanse of waters where since last Thursday the Kremlin has considered any ship as “potential military ships.”

06:43 am – More bombs hit Odessa, Chinese Consulate damaged

Russian attacks on Odessa, a strategic port in southern Ukraine, continued for the fourth night in a row. A bomb exploded in a shock wave that damaged the Chinese consulate in the city, without causing any deaths or injuries. And from Beijing, the Foreign Ministry announced that the explosion “shook part of the structure and shattered windows.”

06:21 am – CNN: In 2022 some of the weapons sent to Kyiv are stolen

Some of the weapons supplied to Ukraine by the West in 2022 were stolen by criminals and arms dealers before they reached the Ukrainian army. CNN disclosed this, citing a US Department of Defense inspector general report it obtained. Then the American radio explained that in most cases the Ukrainian intelligence services managed to recover stolen weapons and equipment. The report, dated October 6, 2022 and titled ‘DoD Responsibility for Equipment Supplied to Ukraine’, details a number of criminal plots to steal weapons, ammunition and battlefield equipment. In June 2022, a Russian official leading a criminal organization forges documents to join a volunteer battalion. The unidentified official then stole a grenade launcher, machine gun and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition. However, the plan was derailed by the Ukrainian intelligence services. In other circumstances, Kie’s intelligence services have also thwarted numerous plots by smugglers to resell weapons, ammunition, and equipment stolen from the front lines on the black market.

06:14 a.m. – US Defense: Reintegration of Wagner mercenaries into the Russian Army

The Wagner Group’s mercenaries stationed in Belarus have been reintegrated into the Russian army. US Deputy Secretary of Defense Sabrina Singh said this in a press conference. Singh went on to say that the US has no plans to redeploy troops in the region.

03.40 am – Culture Minister resigns and Zelensky criticizes him

Ukraine’s culture minister has resigned over what he called a “misunderstanding” over the allocation of public funds for cultural projects amid the war. “I handed over my letter of resignation to the Prime Minister, due to a series of misunderstandings about the importance of culture in wartime,” Oleksandr Tkachenko said in his Telegram. The minister stressed that “private funds and the budget for culture in war are no less important than those allocated to drones, because culture is the shield of our identity and our borders.” It is a response to President Volodymyr Zelensky who asked for his dismissal stating that the state budget cannot be allocated to cultural projects at the expense of defense. In particular, Tkachenko asked for 12 million euros to build a Holodomor genocide museum, named after the famine with which Russia starved Ukraine in 1922 and 1923.

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03:28 – Henry Kissinger, veteran diplomat and his “last mission” to China

(Written by Federico Rampini) In a hundred years, probably Henry Kissinger He lived this visit to Beijing as the “last mission”, an exciting career that made him the most famous and most reliable diplomat of his time (but also controversial and hotly contested, for example because of his responsibilities in the Vietnam War, the bombings of Cambodia and Laos, and the Chilean coup against Salvador Allende).

For those who know his health conditions – excellent intellectual clarity, and more serious on the physical front with problems walking after hip surgery – having experienced 15 hour flight From the east coast of the United States where he lives Even BeijingIt is a sacrifice justified only by an emergency. Dr. Kissinger (a nickname he is fond of as it refers to his Harvard PhD and early career as an academic, Metternich scientist) is convinced that humanity faces great dangers. One isartificial intelligencewho gave him a recent book. The other is the escalation of misunderstandings between the two superpowers which could lead to a world war. The final task for that is to restart the dialogue between Washington And Beijing. Could it possibly be “Mission Impossible”? Certainly recent attempts on the American side have yielded very modest results.

03:28 a.m. – Military Point – Black Sea chessboard and Wagner’s men on Poland’s border

(Written by Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olympio) Black Sea and Belarus: These are the two watched quarters between the exchange of harsh messages. That’s while they lasted The raids of the invaders in the Odessa region Zelensky’s army began using cluster bombs on army trenches.

The Kremlin threatened to strike merchant ships that ensure trade/transportation with Ukraine. In fact, he considers them hostile and many of them are already stuck at airports. On Thursday, Kiev responded with a similar move regarding “ships” destined for Russian destinations. Moscow was going to follow up on these words – as American sources say – by launching another one Mines to create obstacles to freedom of navigation, one of the options available to the Navy. Several scenarios were considered. In addition to the bombs — bottom-mounted or floating — Moscow could task surface units. Expert Hay Sutton points this out Ukrainians can choose a route close to the Romanian coasts In this way, the enemy ships will be within range of the cruisers, which are already involved in the sinking of the flagship Moskva.

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03:24 a.m. – Oleksiy Danilov, head of the Security Council in Kyiv: “The UN and Turkey are protecting the Black Sea routes”

Lorenzo Cremonesi, our correspondent in Kyiv) – «ShA convoy of ships to Odessa with a military guarantee from the United Nations and Turkey against Russian aggression ». he proposes Oleksey Danilov, 60 years old, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. In the interview he gave yesterday in his office, he welcomed the comment on news of Russian attacks on ports and grain silos in the Black Sea.

How do you see the explosions?
“Nothing new. Since the beginning of the invasion, more than 500 days ago, Putin’s soldiers have been bombing our infrastructure and homes every day, killing our children. The world is reacting slowly, but injustices and human rights violations continue here. Do you know why they hit Odessa and nearby ports? Putin wants to feed world hunger to create global problems that destabilize Europe.”

03:23 a.m. — Twenty-year-old demand for Navalny accused of “extremism.” He attacks Putin from his prison cell: “His war is meaningless.”

The opponent is already serving sentences for more than eleven years. A verdict is expected in the closed trial on August 4. Russian opponent Alexei Navalny faces another twenty-year prison sentence. This is the request of the prosecutors, according to which Navalny is guilty of six crimes, including “formation of a terrorist organization.” His lawyer, Olga Mikhailova, said the verdict is expected on August 4 taxand the prison sentence will be carried out “in a criminal colony with a strict regime.”

Read the full article here

01:18 a.m. – Cluster bombs, White House confirms: “Kiev is using cluster bombs”

The White House confirmed that Ukraine had begun using cluster bombs sent by the United States, as expected Washington Post And from Wall Street Journal. A spokesman for the National Security Council said in a press briefing John Kirby He answered in the affirmative to a question on this matter.

00:37 – Kiev, air alert in all regions of Ukraine

An air alert has been declared throughout Ukraine due to the MiG-31K fighter jet taking off. This was reported by Ukrinform, citing the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The message read: “The take-off of the Russian Air Force MiG-31K fighter was recorded from Savaslyka airfield in the Nizhny Novgorod region.”

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