“No offense.” The “resigned” former conservative bishop has been exonerated by the Pope

“No offense.”  The “resigned” former conservative bishop has been exonerated by the Pope

If we are not talking about a churchman who has the Christian commandment pardonOne could say that to Msgr Michel Aupetit It’s one of those stories that deserves to use the phrase “crying for revenge.” On the other hand, as C.S. Lewis said, forgiving one’s enemies is the only Christian virtue more unpopular than Chastity.

Disgraced bishop

Problems of Monsignor Aupetit, Archbishop Paris Since 2017 despite the conservative image, in November 2021 they began an investigation by the weekly newspaper Le Point Who accused him of having a relationship with a woman in 2012. Two days after the magazine was published, although he denied what was alleged in it, the then President of France sent his letter. resignation In the Vatican. Surprisingly, Francesco accepted them. But ironically, the Pope defended the bishop during his return trip from the apostolic visit to Greece and Cyprus by claiming that he had been condemned by“general opinion” And from “Chatter”.
Furthermore, Bergoglio revealed little-known details of the accusations against Aupetit, which he took for granted: “It was a mistake on his part against the sixth commandment, but not a complete mistake. Little caresses, that is: Massage What did he do to the secretary? Finally he said it “A man whose fame is thus robbed cannot rule.” And keep it “Injustice” He announced that he had accepted his resignation “Not on the altar of truth, but on the altar of the Lordhypocrisy“.


But the former Archbishop of Paris’s problems did not end there resignation. After the publishing uproar Le Point From the Pope’s words, in December 2022, in fact, the Parisian Public Prosecutor’s Office opened a preliminary investigation into him under the premise Sexual violence At the expense of a weak person.

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The judges took action after receiving notification from the Paris diocese of a letter arriving at the archbishop’s residence referring to an alleged assault that occurred several years ago. It was Aupetit himself, during his term, who adopted this measure in the name of zero tolerance for potential violations committed. The alleged victim was a woman who enjoyed legal protection precisely because she had been identified scrag.

No offense

News has arrived in recent days that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has closed the file due to… “No crime.” On the other hand, the woman in question denied the sexual assault and did not file any reports complaint. Aupetit himself denied to the judges that any existed Romantic relationship With the woman who grew up in the letter sent to the diocese. The investigation was thus closed to the satisfaction of the lawyer who defended him, Jan Reinhardt, who explained how the religious man lived the case. “Quietly because he was certain that it would not be possible to conclude it without any action.”

However, the news ending The investigation due to the lack of crime went unnoticed in the French press.

Consequences of “gossip”

But not all is well that ends well. Michel Aupetit, only 72 years old and having been President of France, finds himself at ease despite the curriculum which, the day after his appointment in Paris, with the prediction of a purple that would never come, ended his name. Between the possible righteous At a future secret meeting. Matteo Mazzozzi the paper he have Notice Which the Pope accepted immediately two years after that resignation “The most serious and well-known charge was dropped. On the other hand, the bishop who was not at all welcome in certain sectors of Parisian culture was prematurely retired ‘on the altar of hypocrisy’ ‘because of gossip’.” the Chatter Which shocked not only the bishop, but also the women close to him: the Pope’s words on the plane returning from Athens drew attention to the secretary who allegedly received caresses and massages from the Archbishop.

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In fact, how did it get there? It is clear Opetit, Francesco caused confusion because secretary – Married with a family – has absolutely nothing to do with the behavior that could have generated ambiguity and because of which the archbishop preferred to resign when the controversy broke out. In fact, the massage was given to a friend of hers who was suffering from back pain. It must be remembered that Opeti, before his ordination as a priest, was a doctor and had 11 years of medical career behind him, which is also why he is so associated with the personality of Jerome Lejeunethe French pediatrician who discovered Down Syndrome and was recognized as revered by the Catholic Church (because… date “Jerome Lejeune. Liberty of the World,” Cantagalli, by Audie Dugast).

The secretary, who had access to the Archbishop’s private email, became involved in the case only because she could read the email between Aupetit and that woman in which the reference may have been made. massage.

Then the disease centered in the Archbishop’s private life on the Belgian theologian and the consecrated Virgin, Letitia Calmine There is a relationship of respect and friendship with him. Although it had nothing to do with the story of the email that led to the archbishop’s retraction, the woman ended up in French newspapers and the weekly published a photo of her walk. Paris match With the title “Monsignor Aupetit has lost love.


Francesco had said to look into it “Injustice” the resignation Of Aupetit and accepted “On the altar of hypocrisy” Why “A man whose fame has been robbed in this way cannot rule.” The list of much-talked about bishops who remained in government positions is not short. However, now that French justice has restored Aupetit’s reputation by closing the only investigation opened so far against him, there will be a new operation. compensation “On the altar of truth”?

Francis was the pope who had the courage, in the midst of a hostile media campaign on the subject, to devote a Stations of the Cross meditation to the story of a priest who was wrongly accused of abuse and subsequently released. Decade From detention. This type of injustice is a form of contemporary martyrdom, and the red of the martyrs’ blood is exactly what the color purple symbolizes. the Cardinal To Aupetit, who passed away during his term in Paris, would this not be a good signal against gossip aimed at harming the Church and its women and men and which often emanates from within the Church itself?

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