“Kiev uses cluster bombs in war”

“Kiev uses cluster bombs in war”

Ukraine began using cluster bombs, provided by the United States, in the war against Russia. The White House confirmed the news, which was expected by some media outlets, including the Washington Post, in which it was stated that the Ukrainian army is already using ammunition of American origin.

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“These munitions are now in the hands of the Ukrainians and are being used on the battlefield,” White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said in a news release. “The use of these weapons has a great impact On the defensive positions of the Russians.

“They’re using it appropriately. They’re using it effectively, and they have an effect on the defensive maneuvering capabilities of the Russians. I think we can stop there,” Kirby said again, adding — in a general way — that the ammunition was going to be used for the first time last week.

The United States announced an ammunition shipment on 8 July. Deliveries started about a week later. Cluster bombs are known to “spread” small bombs onto large surfaces. By these means, Ukrainian forces are able to hit large ranges of Russian men and equipment with smaller amounts of ammunition. However, “cluster bombs” may not explode as planned and, if left unexploded, pose a long-term threat to areas. In essence, they turn into mines that can be fatal to civilians who reach the areas even years later.

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