Kessler Galimany Patisserie in Saints will close on April 1

Kessler Galimany Patisserie in Saints will close on April 1

Historical pastries Kessler language Saints will close its doors on April 1, Easter, after 74 years. It is one of the most emblematic shops in the neighborhood and a reference point for residents. The company was founded in 1950 by Theresa Kessler I Joseph JalimaniAnd now the second generation, in Joan Gallimani, It is located in the head opposite the last days of the facility, which is located at No 53 Carrer de Sants.

Economic suffocation

“We could not cover all the expenses and more after the pandemic,” Jalimani explains. It explains in detail that they conduct many economic problems derived from rentthe follower Supplies pricefrom'High prices of raw materials and taxes.

Jalimani, who is closely linked to the neighborhood's collective fabric, complains:“Small businesses are dying” He does not get any kind of help to keep him alive. Many customers came to the store on Wednesday because they heard the news. Some even started crying because “The trade of a lifetime wasted.”

The star product of the pastry oven is whipped cream Which lies on the institution's table. So is he Nata They prepare and it is very successful. A distinctive feature of this bakery is the windows, tables and decor that transport you to pastries from the last century.

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