Ukraine and Russia attack a humanitarian convoy: 23 dead. The United States towards the UN resolution against referendums

Ukraine and Russia attack a humanitarian convoy: 23 dead.  The United States towards the UN resolution against referendums

Few hours of concert in Kremlin in which put it in Will be punished for annexation province Ukrainians Who voted in the referendum, in Ukraine The war continues. With the victims, the injured and the corpses in the street. At least 23 people were killed and 28 injured in a Russian attack on a departing humanitarian convoy Zaporizhiain the south of the country. “People were lining up to leave province Temporarily busy to bring relatives and provide assistance,” said the head of the regional military administration, Oleksandr StaruchOn your account cable. Pictures and videos of the theater show wrecked cars and some bodies in the street. The city’s mayor commented, “At the moment, it is impossible to even count the number of dead and wounded.” Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov. but second Vladimir RogovThe TASS news agency quoted an official in the pro-Russian Zaporizhzhya administration as saying that the Ukrainian forces were responsible for the attack, which had hit a convoy of cars that were forming “to move towards the liberated lands.”

Meanwhile, Moscow recognizes the independence of the regions Kherson And the Zaporizhia– two of the four regions where the referendum was held with Lugansk and Donetsk – as stipulated by decrees signed by the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin It was published on the official portal of Kremlin. A decision, reportedly, taken “in accordance with the generally recognized principles and rules of international law, recognizing and affirming the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, enshrined in the Charter of United nations.and while European UnionUnited States e turkey They have already announced that they will not recognize the result of the referendum, Washington Tuesday announced that it will be put on the table UN Security Council together withAlbania The decision to “condemn me” False pollscalling on member states not to recognize any modified status of Ukraine and to coerce Russia to withdraw his troops fromUkraineAs the US ambassador said, Linda Thomas Greenfield.

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if it was Russia Uses the veto ‘to protect himself, then we move on toGeneral Assembly To send an unmistakable message to He flies‘, he added. If the Russian veto was not in doubt, it would be above all position China،, which Westerners sometimes accuse of being too conciliatory with Russiathat will be carefully checked. BeijingThis week, officially neutral, he renewed his call for respecting the territorial integrity of “all nations”. AttitudeIndia It will be carefully monitored. The two Asian countries had abstained from voting in February, that is, the day after the Russian invasion, when He flies has overturned advice For a decision denouncing his “aggression” onUkraine.

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