China: A ‘Chinese’ US fighter performs an ‘unnecessarily aggressive maneuver’ near our plane

China: A ‘Chinese’ US fighter performs an ‘unnecessarily aggressive maneuver’ near our plane

Washington, May 31. A Chinese fighter pilot conducted an “unnecessarily aggressive maneuver” near a US reconnaissance aircraft operating over the South China Sea last week. The US military announced this. The incident comes at a time of already high tensions between Washington and Beijing over issues related to Taiwan and an alleged Chinese spy balloon that was shot down after crossing the United States earlier this year.

The US Indo-Pacific Command (Indubacom) said in a statement that the Chinese aircraft “flew directly in front of and within 400 feet of the nose of the RC-135 on Friday, forcing the US aircraft to enter turbulence in its wake.” ). “The RC-135 was conducting safe and routine operations over the South China Sea in international airspace, in compliance with international law,” the command added.

Video shows a fighter jet crossing the gap in front of the American plane, which can be seen shaking due to the turbulence it produces. A senior US defense official said there has been an “alarming increase in the number of risky aerial interceptions and maritime engagements” by Chinese aircraft and ships, actions that “have the potential to result in a serious accident or miscalculation.”We don’t believe that’s being done, the official added. by pilots operating independently.” “We think it’s part of a larger pattern.”

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