The Nobel Prize in Medicine is awarded to an American couple who excelled in communication

Their amazing discoveries helped to understand how heat, cold and mechanical forces trigger nerve impulses., Welcomed the Nobel Arbitration in Stockholm.

David Julius, 65, and a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, used capsaicin as an active ingredient to detect a sensor that responds to heat in nerve endings in the skin, causing a burning sensation.

Artem Pataputian, a 12-year-old born and raised in Beirut, is a professor at the Scripps Research Institute in California. He used pressure-sensitive cells to find a new type of sensor that responds to mechanical stimuli in the skin and internal organs.

In science we often take the most interesting things, Said the youngest of two recipients of the Nobel Prize.

These sensors, We know they exist and we know that they do something very different than other cells that interact chemically with each other. But the answer was hardAccording to Artem Padaputian.

The work of two physiologists is used in research for many treatments, especially for chronic pain.

They are both wonderful researchers, and they have opened the door to emotional perceptions in completely unique ways.

A quote:Thomas Perlman, chairman of the Nobel Committee on Medicine

At midnight on the west coast of the United States, the Nobel Foundation managed to reach two prize winners with difficulty, he explained. The last time we had them on the phone, we first chased down the phone number of a father and sister-in-law.

Although David Julius has appeared on the long list of science novices conducted by the organization Clarivate since 2014, it has surpassed the predictions of price experts. He won new and richer prizes in 2019 Breakthrough gift ($ 3 million) Developed by the founders of Google and Facebook.

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You never expected these to happen […] I thought this was a hoax, A native of New York, said to have been reached by Swedish public radio.

For Noble’s 120th anniversary, this year’s experts are ambassadors of RNA vaccines against B-19, pioneers of B and D lymphocytes, cell adhesion specialists, new ways of treating rheumatism, or resistance to epigenetics or antibiotics.

Last year, already in the midst of an epidemic, the 2020 price went to virologists, Three people have been diagnosed with the virus that causes the deadly hepatitis C virus.

Vintage continues with Physics in Stockholm on Tuesday and Chemistry on Wednesday, the long-awaited Literary Prizes on Thursday and Friday Peace, the only award presented in Oslo. The most recent savings gift ends the season next Monday.

Towards greater diversity?

If the Nobel 2021 is well announced as planned this week, the corona virus has led for the second year in a row to cancel the arrival of prize winners in Stockholm on December 10, 1924, which has not been the case in peacetime since 1924.

Like last year, there is little hope for the Peace Prize in Oslo, but the prizes will be awarded in the countries where they live.

For the latter, freedom of the press (Reporters Without Borders, the Committee for the Protection of Journalists …), the Belarusian Opposition and its leader Svetlana Dikhanovskana or Climate, Swedish Greta Dunberg, 18 and her movement Fridays for the future, Triggered to succeed World Food Program.

For Thursday Literature, the Swedish Academy seeks to diversify the profile of its prize-winners, will it choose a non-Westerner? The last non-American or non-European to win the Chinese Mo Yan title in 2012.

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