“With “La sociedad de la nieve” I found myself a way out.”

“With “La sociedad de la nieve” I found myself a way out.”

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Juan Antonio Bayonne“, a film director known for his films”if Impossible”, “A Monster Come “Ferm” and his latest wonderful production, “the com.sociedad from snowHe is on an international tour in Los Angeles and London to promote the premiere of his new film, which is currently ranked among the most watched films on Netflix and is already in the running for the next film. Oscar Awards. Catalan director where he trained Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific He has already established himself as one of the most important filmmakers internationally, and he talks to us about the reception of the film, what was filmed in Terrassa and his experience on this trip.

How did you discover Pablo's novel? Wednesday? What attracted you to his point of view? “I discovered the novel while I was preparing.”if impossible“That really amazed me, and it also helped me make the film because it showed me what was going through the heads of characters in a similar situation. What struck me most was that it was a novel less focused on facts and more focused on the soul, and that made the story much bigger than I thought it would be.”

You shot in the Andes, in the Sierra Nevada and Terrassa, in an audiovisual park that you know well, because you have shot other works there. What exactly was filmed in Terrassa and for how many days? We shot in Granada, in the Sierra Nevada and then we went to Uruguay and the Andes, both in Argentina and Chile. Later we filmed some plans that we were missing, some plans.”Recovery“They are called, and they are usually small, plans that lack assembly. We shot them for a day or two in Terrassa.

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I studied management at ESCAC. What does returning to Terrassa mean to you? Are you still working with a lot of the people who left there? It was very important to me, I was a teacher for six years at ESCAC and today I still work with many people from there. In this film there is Jaume Martí, who is the editor, Bernat Villaplana, who is the screenwriter, Oriol Tarrago, who does the sound design… I still have a lot of relationships with people at school.

Watching the movie makes you feel cold, scared and crying. How do you achieve such an immersive experience? You have to be very close to the history and the characters who lived it. We conducted a lot of interviews, prepared the film as if it were a documentary and with great attention to detail, and always tried to be as sincere and respectful as possible. It was also very important to be close to the location and be able to tell the context of the story. If we can find a way to make the audience understand the context of the story and make them feel it, we will be able to make the audience feel what these people have in mind.

I slept on the scene and was ready to do this. How was this experience? It was very interesting and surprising. I really suffered from altitude sickness. It was very impressive because it helped me understand how amazing what they did was. When you get there and see those mountains out there in the middle of nowhere, where you don't hear a sound, it's really impressive to think that these people came out of there.

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Some theaters did not release it due to the Netflix theme, yet theaters were packed. Are you surprised by this receipt? It's been a mystery what will happen in theaters because it was a movie that was released on Netflix three weeks before its release and is still filling theaters with productions on Netflix. It went very well despite being a limited premiere, with a very limited number of theaters. It's been shown in 100 theaters and the films I make usually release four times that. However, the theaters are still full, and there are a lot of people who will see it because they know that seeing it there is a completely different experience.

What does he do? No com.sociedad from snow“Such a cross-over film that impressed critics and a very diverse audience? I think it's a universal story. When you did the exercise of understanding the sixteen survivors, who are very different people, you somehow had to go to the core of the human being and understand the most universal part of this story. It was also a surprise that young audiences responded so well to the film. It makes sense, because the heroes are young, but they are not familiar with the story.

All the passion she put into it can be seen in the film. What is the best thing you take away from this experience? Going back to my roots and rediscovering myself as a director. He has been working for Jurassic World and Senor to Los RingsIt was a very rich experience, I learned a lot, but in this film I was working for myself and to be a director again was very satisfying.

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Three films that you can't get tired of watching. “2021: “space odyssey”E.T. and V“Erdugu”.

Are you already working on another project? Yes, I'm developing projects, but I can't decide on the next one yet.

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