A fight in the middle of a street in Nobares, Barcelona, ​​ends with gunfire and one wounded: an open investigation

A fight in the middle of a street in Nobares, Barcelona, ​​ends with gunfire and one wounded: an open investigation

the Mossos de Escodra Investigation into a fight that ended in gunfire and resulted in at least one person being injured in Manuel Sanchez Guarner StreetThis happened in the Nou Paris area of ​​​​Barcelona this afternoon, according to what was learned ElCaso.cat. An altercation ended in a fight in the middle of the street, where a woman was injured and fell to the ground. But during the confrontation, one of those involved used a firearm, although, so far, Catalan police are still investigating whether it was a real weapon or an explosive device. When agents Mossos de Escodra When they arrived in the area, no one remained and no traces of gunfire or casings could be found with the naked eye, although a thorough visual inspection was expected.

First, agents Catalan police A vehicle was intercepted in the parking areaHuron Citynear the scene of the incident, thinking that they were the perpetrators of the shooting, but it was finally confirmed that it was not them and they were released, as Catalan police sources explained to ElCaso.caR. A device was launched to try to chase the white car that one of the two groups involved in this fighting used to escape, which is not yet clear.

Open research

The motive behind this confrontation is not currently known, but sources in the investigation say that it is likely a quarrel between two opposing families. Investigation unit at a police station New neighborhoods The investigation took over and an initial visual inspection of the area was conducted in case it was confirmed that a live firearm had been used. But for now, investigating agents haven't received much cooperation from neighbors.

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The first call received to the emergency number 112 alerted to a possible case Gender violenceFor the assault on a woman, although investigations will now clarify. Although the Catalan police did not officially want to provide information about those involved, everything seems to indicate that it will be a confrontation between two ethnic Roma families, a case that seems reminiscent of the incident that occurred a few days ago, also in New neighborhoods Or after Reese A CorneliaAnd also between rival clans. To secure the area, police forces were deployed on this street near Can Drago and also to avoid a recurrence of the fighting.

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