Do you have 5 thousand euros in your checking account? Not only taxes, here are the “risks”

Do you have 5 thousand euros in your checking account?  Not only taxes, here are the “risks”

Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of thousands of euros in the bank’s current account. However, we risk going beyond a certain threshold.

Until recently, you have money in current account It meant “boasting” of a state of well-being. Although notorious Money does not buy happiness. Today, however, it is back to the surface The eternal dilemma: Is it better to save by filling the account or not? here you are What the experts suggest.

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Who is lucky enough to take beautiful a wage Can sleep soundly, even better Leave some money in the checking account. Within a few months, it is not uncommon to find yourself with a nice nest consisting of a few thousand euros. If having a “covered” account years ago was satisfying, does it still work that way today? Not right. we see What economists expectWhat are they? Best choices for those who find themselves in a nice positive balance.

5 thousand euros or more on the account? It’s not just taxes, here are the ‘real risks’

Let’s talk about Bank account But it’s also clear postal account. We know that very well collect money It can give immense satisfaction and above all a great feeling feeling safe. But unfortunately, Reality does not always reflect our expectations. Today, having a lot of money on deposit can have “unwanted effects”.

Perhaps not everyone knows, for example, that Average annual stock entails duty pay tax. In fact, when crossing the threshold of 5 thousand euros, we have to pay the stamp duty, which is currently approx 35 euros per year. However, remember the difference between average stock and account balance.

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for average stockas can also be seen from The official website of the Revenue AgencyYou know “The average credit amounts of a customer in a given period compared to one year. The calculation of average annual stock is determined by dividing the daily total stock by 365, regardless of the number of days the deposit account has been active“.

On the other hand, what is the safest place to store money? Definitely not “classic bedding”. The problem is mostly the fluctuations in the value of moneyIt is affected by inflation, the local economy, government interventions and many other factors.

In summarizing, Keeping money in the account for a long time actually reduces its value. If today I have 10 thousand euros and with this money I can pay for a trip to the most beautiful places in the world, then in a few years it will not be so. Therefore, the same money changes their “strength” over time.

According to the expertsThose who are lucky enough to be able to make some money per month should consider one form of investment. The annuitiesEven if it’s tiny, they should be able to Compensating the costs of inflation. In this way we make “goats and cabbage” happy. Why don’t we forget it Economical availability Lead (although not always) to waste. With commitment, we can Avoid wasting money on trivial things At the same time ensuring that its purchasing power remains intact.

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