Katie Holmes stumbles in the street and ends up on the floor

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Katy Holmes She is accustomed to the sidewalks of New York. A native of Ohio, she has been living in the Big Apple for about two decades. The actress is the paparazzi around Manhattan nearly every day, including shopping, art galleries, routine activities, and walks with her 15-year-old daughter. Syrianby her ex-husband Tom Cruise. You know city streets that don’t sleep well, and yet…

Total eggs on a New York night

Katie Holmes in Alice + Olivia stumbles on the streets of New York
Katie Holmes arrives at the Alice + Olivia fashion show

It’s New York Fashion Week. between fashion showPresentations and parties seem to have come back to life before the pandemic. Katy Holmes It is a permanent presence in NYFW And this season, he didn’t want to be outdone. In a candid white suit, consisting of a silk blouse and wide-leg trousers with a slight difference, the star participated as a guest on the show Alice + Olivia. designer friend Stacy BenditHe introduced himself to ritual portraits. The hair was pulled up in a high bun, makeup in shades of orange, a slender physique and a chiseled face: Holmes was beautiful in her androgynous appearance. But the problem is the shoe.

rogue heels

at the end of the show Katy Holmes She put on a warm black coat and walked towards the exit of the site. Here, however, thanks to the darkness, the chatter of spectators and a pair of high-heeled shoes, the actress stumbled over the curbstones. She quickly put her hands on the ground and eventually one knee hit the ground. The white calzone was unmoved, and Holmes, gracefully and elegantly, regained her composition, ready to go home, where, we imagine, she replaced the naughty shoes for a pair of comfortable slippers.

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