Ukraine, tensions eased and stock exchanges recovered. Below the spread

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – lamBeginning of the withdrawal of Russian forces On the Ukrainian border, the meeting between German Chancellor Schulz and Vladimir Putin gives investors confidence in de-escalation in light of the Ukrainian crisis and financial markets catching up. After a weak start, the European stock exchanges All indications since then FTSE MIB There was an increase of more than a percentage point, while US index futures also declined positively oil, gas and gold, The dollar fell.

And the Russian Defense Ministry said, this morning, that some forces in the Russian military regions bordering Ukraine returned to the bases after completing the exercises, and this move raised the markets. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said that the movements of Russian forces “are not signs of de-escalation, and there is no evidence on the ground of movements from the border with Ukraine,” and he also stressed the continuation of diplomatic work and sees “reasons for this.” Cautious optimism.

financial markets They opened the week With extreme risk aversion and a preference for safe haven assets, precisely because of the escalation of tension in Ukraine. Luigi Nardella of Ceresio Investors comments: “Russia, with the foreign minister first and then with the announcement of the partial withdrawal of forces, gave the first signs of the opening in favor of a partial rebound in European stocks.” “over there However, it is still difficult to read the situation in Ukraine In the coming days and possibly weeks – he adds – but we believe that an invasion of the entire country is unlikely and that the impact of the crisis on the markets in the medium term will be over.”

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Meanwhile, interest remains high in US rates with Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Bullard Which reaffirmed its position in favor of raising interest rates by one percentage point by July.

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Eyes on Banks, Bper and Banco Bpm are working

In Piazza Avari, focus on the banks and gatherings with the green light you’ve been given Pop eh bank To buy BCA Carriage And new rumors about interest in him Banco Bpm From Unicredit. Pay attention too Saipem which was ordered in Algeria to pay 192 million in compensation as part of a criminal case for ways to award a project in 2008. The group is preparing the new strategic plan after a profit warning at the end of January.

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