A big setback in his career

A big setback in his career

Claudio Lippi told Microphones of Corriere della Sera, the famous ex-face of Bona Domenica did not spare himself talking about his career and private life: “I am calm. I am a husband, a father, a grandfather. Then how can a man not feel happy when he first sees television working when he is only nine years old? When I was a child, Claudio said, “I wanted to be a singer. Which I’m really going to do because until 1972 I was making a living with sound. But when I was a child, singing shocked me: my mother took me to audition for a rai in Milan. The teacher listened for a few seconds, then interrupted me and took my mother aside. “Madam – he said – your son is a monster.” My mother thought of a compliment, but he explained himself better: “No, madam, he’s a beast because he’s so loud, he’s so strong.”

I started crying and I felt the guilt that accompanied me for years.” Speaking of his family, he also explained the father figure: He worked for a large company, and he was mainly engaged in corporate processing. He was often far away, I saw little of him but I was very attached to him. Then, when I was an adult, he let someone convince him to go into a business, some kind of milkshake. It is a pity that this man disappeared and left a huge financial hole on my father’s shoulders. I decided to take on this debt. This was the first time I realized that I had lost everything, it was like feeling the ground disappearing under your feet. But my reaction was strong, and I think today clearly. I couldn’t leave my family in that abyss, they are not like me. The result: Twenty billion pounds to be repaid within twenty years (currently about 10 million euros). It was hard, but I did it.”

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Al Corriere della Sera says he has said no to several reality shows, including “The Big Brother Island and the Famous:” But believe me, it’s not fake arrogance and doesn’t even mean that I don’t need money, on the contrary. It’s a simple consistency: I go to some talk shows every now and then and I’m happy, but I can’t be asked to get into those dynamics where disagreements and reconciliations and disagreements are made to make a show. Not for me. Not to mention I have four transgressions.”Finally, Claudio explains that the idea of ​​television and talent has changed: “ When I started working in television, that is, in the seventies, there was a very specific concept of talent.

Something to be refined, defended, preserved, augmented, even moved, why not. You grew up inside a company, and you had teachers who helped you. One of my fathers was a Modogno, for example. I consider Vianello the older brother. I learned from Corrado the irony of refinement: I looked at him, studied his words for hours, his way of being. And that talent became precious material: you listen or you don’t listen, you coordinate or you don’t coordinate. Unfortunately, today I see more formats than connectors or connectors”. When he left on Great Sunday, many doors were shut before him, in fact when asked if there were any consequences for that particular neglect, he answered: “Well, I haven’t worked in TV since October 2006. Do it yourself”.

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