Katerina Caselli, fatally ill on stage: great pain and condolences

Katerina Caselli, fatally ill on stage: great pain and condolences
Katerina Caselli – Source: Video Rai screenshot – Belligea.it

There is so much sadness and pain behind this heartbreaking story, it is impossible to hold back the tears, the fans are desperate. Let’s find out what happened near Katerina Caselli.

Katrina Caselli She is the famous 77-year-old Italian singer, producer and presenter, who has reached the peak of her success over the years Sixty and seventyShe is classified as one of the most beautiful Italian female voices in history. We remember her for songs like No one can judge me And I’m no longer with you. His “bob” hairstyle was his trademark, and everyone at the time copied it as a hairstyle.

Although it was Very active Until a few years ago, she disappeared from the scene for a while, giving an interview in 2021 to Fabio Fazio in what’s the weather likeWhere he talked about his new movie Katerina Caselli – One Life 100 Lives. Despite all this, there is a very sad story we have to tell you.

Katerina Caselli: Drama

Speaking of Katerina Caselli, we also remember the terrible fake news that announced her alleged disappearance July 17, 2023. At least, that’s what it is Read online Regarding the singer who announced that she is Alive and well In reality. a Fake news In full force, which made it difficult for all friends, relatives and followers who believed this story.

This is what Casselli wrote after receiving it Several phone calls To try to understand the dynamics of the facts: “I was sure that I was not dead… But, as usually happens in dreams, I like to think that whoever wrote the article, and I thank him by the way, has extended my life…” It is certain that this was a hoax. Very bad taste, especially for a woman who lost her life partner in 2022, Philip SugarTo whom she remained married for more than 50 years. There is also another great pain that Katerina still carries with her, let’s see what it is.

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Katerina Caselli and Miriam Makeba
Katerina Caselli and Miriam Makeba – Source: Instagram – Belligea.it

Sudden death

The singer suffered from severe pain After the disappearance of her colleague and friend Miriam Makebawho died of a heart attack in 2008While performing on stage. Mama Africaas it was called, revolutionized The world of jazz With his exceptional voice, that’s why he left a void that cannot only be filled in the world of music, but also in the hearts of friends, family and fans.

And of all the people who couldn’t believe it after hearing the news of his sudden death, he was there too Toll boothsWho said: “She was a poor young black woman with bare feet…” No longer physically young, but always proudly mine even barefoot, you left us from the platform of solidarity. Hello, Mother Africa.” This is Katerina’s very sincere and emotional dedication to the memory of her friend.

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