Eni celebrates its 70th anniversary with Descalzi and Meloni celebrations

Eni celebrates its 70th anniversary with Descalzi and Meloni celebrations

Eni, the national hydrocarbons authority, was founded in 1953, and now, 70 years later, the company is celebrating the anniversary with a celebratory event. “The distinctive element that has distinguished these 70 years of history is Eni’s ability to evolve over time, its pioneering approach and its ability to transform and anticipate changes,” the speech of CEO Claudio Descalzi, followed by the speech of President Giuseppe Zavarana: “It is precisely the ability to control phases. Transforming as the hero of the novel, riding it, and controlling it without suffering from it at all, and in this precisely lies one of the main characteristics of Eni, one of its main strengths, and one of the greatest factors of its success, and it is the characteristic that has distinguished the company throughout its journey, from 1953 to today, which It has earned prestige, admiration and respect around the world since its birth. It is small in size compared to the oil and gas giants of the time, but they are capable of propelling the country into years of economic miracle.

With a turnover of $132 billion and a net profit of nearly $14 billion in 2022, Eni is one of the leaders in the Italian industry. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni also sent a video to celebrate the milestone: “Celebrating 70 years of Eni means celebrating 70 years of our national history. In 1953, the year Eni was born, Italy was very different than it is today. The war had ended a few years ago, and the wounds were still deep. However, the Italians had already risen again, and were rebuilding and laying the foundations of that economic miracle that had made Italy a world economic power. We must remember that it was not an easy challenge, because many did not see positively to the idea that Italy could become a strong country with an equally solid industrial system. In 1953, Eni – as the Prime Minister emphasized – was already able to supply the industrial triangle of the north with the energy it needed. And it was no longer coal, but methane , of which the Po Valley is rich. A “new” source that Italy and Europe were not accustomed to using at that time. Italy starts again from that methane, and the country, together with Eni, supplies energy at competitive prices. This allows our companies and producers to become competitive in Global Market. This is a turning point that will make Italy the industrial power it is now.”

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