Books, Pixels and Values ​​- Carolina Montoto. Barcelona Marseille Brick More Books

Books, Pixels and Values ​​- Carolina Montoto.  Barcelona Marseille Brick More Books

Our guest Carolina Montuto brings us a story with the main character, Aurora, a middle-aged woman trapped in a routine and experiencing a chronic life crisis. She is bored with her husband and resents her job as a cashier at a department store. He only has one illusion in life, which is to write, in his comfort zone, in his own room like Virginia Woolf's.

Among his other refuges are memories and reconstructions of family history that pass through tyranny, dictatorship, the turbulent years of the civil war and the years of the Nazi extermination camps.

Barcelona Marseille Mao talks about the disappearance of women, the idealization of love, undeserved productive work, and the work of care and activity. Carolina Montuto presents us in a different way with a crumbling marriage, a memory of a romantic love affair with Helio, a distant cousin with the aspirations of a writer he has not seen for 40 years. It is interesting to see the two points of view of the couple formed by Aurora and Manu, which he calls the boiled fish. An innovative narrative structure with two time planes, the hero’s present and memories of childhood and youth. Many unresolved silences and irrational fears especially for women. Aurora needs to express herself after being silent and submissive for so many years. The protagonist is very clear that what stopped her from moving forward was never thinking about what she wanted and stopping thinking about others.

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