“I fought cocaine and alcohol addiction… I felt lost”

“I fought cocaine and alcohol addiction… I felt lost”

Thanks Cooper Will Arnett

To help him get out of the tunnel he fell into and recounted how in 2004 the actor and friend stopped at his house noting that although it was afternoon he hadn’t gotten the dogs out yet: “That was the first time. I realized I had a drug problem. And alcohol. Arnett helped me make it happen… ”said the star.

“A star is born”

: “It was the will that put me in front of reality, I will never forget it…it changed my whole life.”

Then the actor revealed how it took him a while to realize he wasn’t “really the same”: “My self-esteem was at zero. While I was in L.A. filming Alias” I felt like I was back in high school. I was totally depressed and it went on like this for a long time… before I really realized I was on the wrong path. “I had the advantage of that happening when I was 29,” he added. Since that time, Cooper has won an Academy Award for his acting and earned praise for his work as a director on his first movie, A Star Is Born.

The turning point was almost 10 years later with the movie “Hangover”, which for Cooper was the beginning of fame and sobriety.

The actor had already spoken about his addiction problems in 2013 in a lengthy interview with GQ in which he said, “I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs anymore. Sobriety is a great thing… At some point I realized that by continuing this way my life was going to ruin my life.” “.

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