Telecinco tries to replicate 'Telediario'

Telecinco tries to replicate 'Telediario'

Pedro Pequeras spent eighteen years at the helmCommunications news Always with the same decoration behind it. Canvas painting with a printed image ofSky line From Shanghai The blue plastic background has been the cutting-edge technology that Mediaset has invested in its newscasts for nearly two decades. On Monday, in the midday episode, broadcaster Isabel Jimenez said goodbye to that group that she considered “Second home“.”that it Sky line It turns off forever“He added as the group went dark. This was the way to make way for a new era with Carlos Franganillo at the helm instead of Pedro Pequeras.

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At 9pm we found out that Telecinco had not only taken the broadcaster from Televisió Española. I also captured a photo the news. Seems like it a lot. We were watching Communications news But it gave the impression of being set on public television, both for the presenter and for the show. The collection has won in modernity. The huge curved screen creates a more immersive feeling, and the glossy floor also creates a mirror effect, creating a reverse reflection of the images displayed on it. The colors are blue and black, and through augmented reality different displays are created that emphasize the feeling of dynamism. It's recent and amazing news. It is very common that on the day of release, more performance is taken from technical capabilities that are not subsequently utilized to the same extent. But in any case, the new visual bet, like the TVE bet, is very attractive. An example of diligence, integrity, and a certain media coolness, Franganello proposed traditional news in terms of content, avoiding the apocalyptic news and poignant images that traditionally worked so well on the series.

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At the same time, on La1, correspondent Marta Carazo has so far made her first appearance at the helm of La1 News bulletin 2. The journalist assumed her new role as if she had done it every day in recent years. It conveys credibility and accuracy and, at the same time, a subtle communicative warmth that does not overwhelm because it is natural. The journalist inspires confidence. the the newsIn his new phase, he gave priority to analyzing current events. Drawing on information from the US caucuses, he offered a more comprehensive view, recalling that 2024 will be the year for many electoral processes around the world. Public Television wanted to showcase one area where it is making a difference: reporters and experts in the field of international information, with Lorenzo Mella and Anna Bosch on set. Multiple connections with major cities in the world, showing a strength that Telecinco cannot boast of.

It was a masterful Mediaset play. Private television has masqueraded as public television. However, if so Communications news Like the the news Continuing to bet on balance and ambition will only win over the public.

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